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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Celiac And Time

    How long can a person have celiac without knowing it ? I have the complete range of symptoms associated with celiac disease since 1988 and it was only a week ago that the hospital told me that I had it. Surely I should have died years ago from malnutricion !!!! I have lost a lot of weight...most of which is recent..but that could have been through worrying about what my doctor would come up with next to explain my symptoms. Even now he is still dubious about the hospitals findings. Thank God I dont live in America because all this could have cost me a fortune ! Ha. Mind you, with the price of gluten-free being what it is, it will still cost me a fortune just to stay alive. Yippee. Congratulation celiac you've just made a grown man want to throw himself off Beach Head ! Well, maybe that is a little on the high side....so it'll have to be off the door-step instead !
  2. In 1988 I began to have many strange things happen. These included, panic attacks, feelings of un-reality, poor sleeping, weight loss, not wanting to do anything, lack of interest, bad temper, timidity, intolerance, classic migraine, intolerance of tomatos coffee, cheese and weetabix/readybreck, fear of strange places, lack of sex drive, ..and more I was in constant contact with my doctor who put it all down to Hypertension. But, on examination at the hospital after a severe panic attack, I was told that I did not suffer from hypertension. But, as my heart rate was very rapid, I was kept in for 8 hours while I was monitored. I was sent home when my bp reached normal. The symptoms continued for years with little or no answers from either the hospitals or my doctor and I began to totally depressed. Then in 2007 my doctor sent me for a prostrate exam which showed that although it was slightly restricting urination, it was fine. In 2011 I was sent for blood tests after suffering with constapation followed by the runs. I received a call from my doctor telling me that one of the bloods showed a likelihood of bowel cancer and I was put on an urgent note to have a colonoscopy. Two small polops were found but turned out to be nothing. Then,two weeks ago I had to go and give more bloods at the bowel unit. This time I was told that all my symptoms indicated the high possibility that I had celiac. I was told that I had to have a camera down my throat to confirm this, but I cant due to suffering from coad. So now what ? Can I just go on a gluten free diet and if I get better fine..if not ? Are the above symptoms celiac related ? The panic attacks, total lack of sex drive..and painful ejeculation when I try, intolerance, constapartion, weight loss etc ? If so, how is it that I have had all this for so long. Surely if I had celiac and left it this long I would have died from malnutricion by now.