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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I`m not sure if there is a forum board all about bloodwork- i may be missing it but I recieved a call from my GP today telling me that my bloodwork showed elevated white blood cell counts- I don`t have specifics (I`ll be asking for a copy when I go see him monday) and was asked to repeat my labwork. Is this something normal or seen in celiacs? I honestly have no clue.
  2. Just thought I'd update! Today was the first day I ever succesfully drank the disgusting barium and completed a fluoroscope test without throwing up. Only a ct, an appointment with a gi and what my gp assumes will be a biopsy left! What a process! I'm really itching to get gluten free. The quicker this process is over the sooner I can start to try and feel better! My family is very support on me trying this out regardless of test results!
  3. I can never get to sleep. I avoid it until its super late and unfortunately work at 6am so rarely get more than 4-5 hrs. I can fall asleep like its my job during the day however since I'm always running on fumes. I'm still in the pre -dx stages but am certain this is my issue. Once I'm given the go ahead for gluten free Iiving I'm hoping I feel a difference sooner rather than later and maybe even try b12!
  4. So I've been complaining of the same issues for as long as I can remember: upset stomach, naseau, bowel moments that are never consistent usually very very soft, headaches day in and day out and numb to painful arms hands and feet and as a child told growing pains, as an adult I've just confused all doctors. Recently I've lived some very stressful events that have lasted for months and have been dx'd as having anxiety. Well the symptoms will leave for a bit then come back and they always come back hard so I went to the doctors again. His resident was the one who asked if I have ever been checked for celiac disease and here comes the testing again (first time for this of course but all this gets so tiring.) I've already had quite the blood test with multiple things checked off but unfortunately I didn't really read what (as a doctors secretary I'm disappointed in myself) but results have not yet been discussed. Tomorrow I am going for an esophagus, stomach and Duodenum fluoroscopy test which I'm dreading as I always struggle with fluroscopy. I'm also currently awaiting an appointment with a GI which I hope isnt too long of a wait. I really am struggling to eat as I normally do as I just wanna say f it and eat gluten free if it means I could possibly feel better but I know I should hold off. I've been researching it intently and taking down tips, I am now keeping a food guide and poop guide as per the suggestion on my GP so the gi has info to go on. Any tips in the mean time to numb the stomach ache during this process or even calm it a bit or really anything! I'm just such a zombie these days with symptoms all over the board! I really do believe it's this and with or without a positive Dx I will attempt this lifestyle since all my ailments finally fit, and my poor mom has closure on my nail nutrition hospitalizations as a child even though I was a well fed healthy eater as a kid! Haha! Thanks guys! Look forward to sticking around this board! Dianna!