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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Most good doctors will do a biopsy when they do an endoscopy. Mine wasn't looking for celiac, but found it. I'm glad he did the biopsy or I would never have known and would have done more harm to myself by continuing to eat gluten.
  2. Support Groups In Mass

    Susan, Where on th Cape are you? I was born and raised in Provincetown. Moved to Millis a couple of years ago.
  3. Support Groups In Mass

    Susan, Where on th Cape are you? I was born and raised in Provincetown. Moved to Millis a couple of years ago.
  4. I talked to the Massachusetts medicaid office and they said that a rest home does NOT have to supply gluten-free food for me. I guess they figure I could just not eat bread or something. I talked to the ombudsman the other day and she is going to look into it further for me. Carol
  5. So Confused

    I don't know .... The GI is the one that told me that I had it, but at that time I hadn't been to this site and didn't know how serious it was or would have pressured him. Maybe he is waiting for my next visit, but that isn't until Oct. Well, my GP will be here tomorrow and I will see if he can get me some answers. If not I will have to switch GI's.
  6. So Confused

    I was recently found to have Celiac Sprue. When I went back after my endoscopy (6 weeks after it) the Dr. told me that is what the biopsy showed. I have IBS also and knew what a gluten-free diet was all about. I had a blood test and the numbers were in the normal range. Through his nurse I was told to keep eating like I have been. I really want to start gluten-free, but it is hard because I am on disability and live in a rest home and unless I have a Drs. order I am sort of 'up the creek'. I will see my GP this week and see what he says, but I am really nervous. I understand the part about any gluten can cause a reaction, but is the reaction as severe with a little as it is with alot? I called the Medicaid office and they said that the home does NOT have to provide me with a special diet. (can you belive that?????) Carol
  7. Oh yeah, I've been to the websites. BIG waste of my time. I will have to call them then or have the social worker here do it for me. Thanks for you time and response. Carol
  8. (anything not to have to call the ss office) What's the matter? Don't you like holding a phone at your ear forever listening to crappy music ? Carol
  9. Oh, Brother. I am in a pickle. I am on disability and living in a rest/retirement home. I have very little control over what is prepared for meals. Do any of you "older" people know if there are any allowences made for a special diet? The gov't. allows us $60 a month for our expenses and I can't see how that will stretch if I have to buy special foods. I have been trying to find out online about whether rest homes have to prepare special food for you or not. All I can find is that they have to for low salt, and diabetes. As it is they complain about how much they spend on food here. AGGHHHHHH !!!!!!! I'm screwed.
  10. Oh, man ... you guys are killing me. I just found out I have Celiac. Look what I have to look forward to. UGH!
  11. Hi. I'm new to this board. I had a positive result for celiac sprue when I had my endoscopy, but the Dr. still wants me to have a blood test. Can anyone tell me if seeing sprue is positive for gluten intolerance or can it be caused by something else?