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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you, Lisa! Funny you say small changes. I have had less night sweats (not totally gone yet), my finger nails are already stronger (did not think I could see a change in my nails in 2 weeks!), and minor improvement in overall 'feel' of hair. Ends are still dry, probably due to lack of vitamins over the years. I will definitely keep watching the small stuff because in the end, those small things add up to lots of relief! THANK YOU for your insight!!
  2. Hi! My name is Angie! I would be interested in learning more about the symptoms you've experienced. My 'obvious' symptoms just started back in May 2012, but now looking back, I am thinking I have had less obvious symptoms for years!!! My recent issues in May were bladder-related, but thought it was UTI issues or something. I have now been through countless rounds of bloodwork, CT scans with barium and IV die-contrast, GYN ultrasound, CA-125 bloodwork to test for markers with uterine cancer, visited urologist, OB-GYN, PCP, and then referred to pelvic physical therapy due to immense abdominal tension. I still have pain but cannot determine if mine is bowel, vaginal, or urinary pain. Here is the kicker - I always thought Celiac/gluten sensitivity would bring bouts of diarrhea because the body would try to rid of the poison. I am a very constipated person. Found out that constipation is a BIG symptom for many. Well, my brother is HIGHLY allergic to gluten - never thought I was at-risk because our symptoms are not the same. So......I sought assistance from an integrative doctor. He is doing bloodwork (7 vials, stool sampling and saliva sampling). He is checking for several things (to rule out other issues, too). Like you, I am new to this. I gave up gluten the day after my bloodwork and will get the results tomorrow. I have felt some improvement but not TONS. I know it takes time and CC is always a possibility. I appreciate any info you can offer (or anyone else on this thread!) THANK YOU!!!!!!!
  3. Can You Explain This One?

    Very interesting material. I am going to copy these links to my desktop for reference. Interestingly, I checked my bloodwork from last fall (2011) and my white cell count was WAY LOW and I was also very low on potassium. My doc said everything looked okay and since I was in great physical shape, it was nothing to worry about (the WCC and low potassium). At the time, I was eating 2-3 bananas per day and other sources of potassium. Starting to see some patterns forming here (was in ER for heart palpitations in October 2011, low white cell count since at least 2006, acne since my mid-20's until current, constipation with times of very soft stools, and more). THANK YOU ALL for the information!!!!! You have made my day a better one!!!!!
  4. Can You Explain This One?

    THANK YOU!!!! Trying not to worry needlessly about the bladder. The urologist did various CT scans, bloodwork, urinalysis, etc. All were fine, except scaint traces of blood in urine (microscopic). He did not feel the need to test further on the bladder, so no scope or anything done. I, deep in my heart, believe the pain is stemming from the stomach/bowels as I am not regular nor never have been for YEARS!!!! I mentioned this earlier, I never knew constipation could be a sign of celiac - I assumed it would be IBS-like symptoms since the body would try to rid of the gluten. Definite learning process for me. I only know limited amounts of info on gluten - enough to cook for my brother when he is here to avoid cross-contamination. Never would have known the overall effects on other organs, including the bladder. THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Can You Explain This One?

    Thank you for the link. Going to review it now! I appreciate any help/info provided!
  6. Can You Explain This One?

    So, what is your treatment for the Candida? Sorry to ask so many questions. I am new to all this. I have been a relatively healthy person and rarely take any kinds of meds. I am a workout nut and always thought I was super healthy.....until this happened in May 2012. I tried the IC diet, too, but did not get lots of relief. Did not try it for too long obviously. I doubted the docs since day 1, which led me to where I am today. THANK YOU!!!!
  7. Can You Explain This One?

    Bladder spasms are the WORST. It is crippling and people do not understand how it feels, nor can they be sympathetic to the pain. How long did you have IC before being diagnosed with celiac? How are your symptoms today? I just started having the bladder symptoms early May 2012. My urologist thought it was IC, but decided not to do the potassium challenge to test the bladder. He is the one who ordered pelvic therapy. GOSH, you are all the BEST! SO glad I found some people who understand me!!!!!!!
  8. Can You Explain This One?

    OMG - I COULD CRY RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO GLAD I found this forum!!!!!!! I hope you don't mind if I ask questions along the way. I am scared, yet I will be relieved if it is relative to gluten. I hope my bladder is not damaged due to the gluten.
  9. Can You Explain This One?

    Okay, I reviewed my lab order for tomorrow. He is testing for vitamin deficiencies as well as thyroid AND he is running a celiac panel (it looks like it includes Gliadin IgA, and Gliadin IgG). Not sure what this all means, but hoping I get answers. Since the tests will be run in the next 24 hours and the fact that I ate some gluten with breakfast, I am hoping I can stop eating gluten now and see if I get relief. Since Thursday, I have been experiencing lots of pelvic pain (thought it was cervical pain) and now having what feels like the on-set of sinus issues. Lots of mucus and stuffy nose at wake up. I just need to get some relief. I cannot imagine what others have endured as I feel like my symptoms became more prominent only months ago. Questions: Did anyone experience heart palpitations, constipation, and/or night sweats when consuming gluten? THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!!!!
  10. Can You Explain This One?

    THANK YOU for your responses!!! The integrative MD has me doing the saliva and stool testing right now (just shipped the vials yesterday). He has ordered up some tests for thyroid - I am calling the office to verify if gluten/celiac is one of the tests they ordered. I think it is. Did any of you ever have night sweats or heart palpitations when you were consuming gluten? Also, I have been eating gluten intentionally until the blood-draw tomorrow. I ate some in my cereal this AM. If I avoid it the rest of today/tomorrow, it should not alter the tests, should it?
  11. Can You Explain This One?

    I tried to get my GP to run the bloodwork panel again. When he ran it 3 years ago, since it was elective on my part, it cost me $1200 out of pocket. Roll forward to two months ago - I was having serious bladder issues, to the point, I could not stand up or walk. Uncontrollable spasms, shock pains, frequency - all symptoms led to bladder issues according to the docs. Honestly, gluten did not even cross my mind at that time. I was sent from my GYN directly to a urologist for testing. It has taken 2 solid months of constant appts with the urologist, GP, physical therapist, and more to get to this point. I was basically told nothing was wrong - all tests showed a healthy being. Ordered to go to physical therapy and come back in 3 months. When you are in pain, waiting is not doable. I began doing LOTS of research on my own when the pain became more intermittent. This is how I stumbled across the connection between gluten and bladder.
  12. Can You Explain This One?

    Hi! I am new to the forums, but found this one and wanted to post. I recently began experiencing symptoms within the abdominal area (thought it was urinary tract related) and saw my OB/GYN. Long story short, I have now seen several doctors, countless x-rays, bloodwork, and more. I have also been going to therapy for my abdomen (lots of abdominal tension). Still in pain, mainly surrounding my bladder. On my own, I found an Integrative MD. He has me doing several tests including saliva and stool samplings. He thinks my problems stem from the stomach. I was tested for Celiac back in 2009 - tested negative. The reason I was tested in 2009 is because my brother was having immense stomach issues for almost 20 years. He was finally diagnosed with Celiac disease through this same Integrative MD. All the other doctors said his condition was IBS. His celiac is a severe case, too. With that said, I decided to get tested because of my skin issues. Like I said, the tests showed negative, but I have read where there are chances of false negatives. At that time, other than acne, I was non-symptomatic, or so I thought. Probably TMI, but I always thought celiac meant chronic diarrhea and I am on the other end of the spectrum - can go days with no BM. Always thought I was the lucky one with no tummy issues between my bro and I. I am now believing I was SO SO wrong. With my recent testing, doctors tried to diagnose me with interstitial cystitis but could never prove it to be that. They said it was basically a diagnosis via a process of elimination of other issues. Not once did the specialists say it could be my stomach. My brother and I began to research gluten and the bladder and spasms and found there is a direct link to bladder issues and gluten sensitivity/allergies. I am in the midst of my testing and am trying to find a good support network. I am very healthy, very active, and take good care of my body. This has come as a devastating shock because I have spent most of my adult life on a mission to be as healthy as possible. I would appreciate any support/guidance you could provide. Thank you! Ang