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  1. Dh So Freaking Annoying

    Oh you poor thing! While I'm not diagnosed to have DH, I'm pretty I do and have also had it on my chin area...and it was the worst. Lots of great info in this thread...you are all such a wealth of knowledge! I'm so glad I found this site!!
  2. Please Take A Peek For Me?

    I added my pics to the photo bank thread..and few new ones. I looked through my other pics, and they basically were the same..I guess I thought I had more, and I think I did but deleted them. I don't like my nasty rash pics accidentally popping up on my phone!
  3. DH Photo Bank

    Hey everyone! This is a GREAT thread! I am not diagnosed with either celiac or DH....you can catch up on my intro here. Just thought I would share a few pics here, since it COULD be DH This is several days old, it is actually looking a little bit better today: Here is this morning, after 1.5 weeks gluten free...although it is probably just coincidence. BUT, I haven't had a new blister in a few days now.
  4. Please Take A Peek For Me?

    Thanks everyone for the great information! This morning, I was starting to feel really overwhelmed by all of it...and wanted to throw in the towel and pretend I never learned any of this! I got really discouraged yesterday because I shared with a friend what I have stumbled upon, and said that I'm wondering if it's celiac. She basically told me I'm nuts and that people with celiac have sever diarrhea and lose rapid weight. Well, I've never had the problem of losing weight, but that's mainly because I am always STARVING and will eat until I'm sick. I don't have constant diarrhea, but I am always constipated, and then out of the blue will have diarrhea. Been told it's IBS. Anyway, I was starting to think I'm just crazy again. Maybe all my googling has made me crazy. But facts are facts....I've never had a regular period, I've suffered miss-carriages, (told I have PCOS) I've had almost constant canker sores since I was little, I've had countless scans and ultrasounds and dr visits trying to give me a reason for the sporadic bloating and gas pain that causes me to want to roll up into a ball, been tested for RA and OA from crippling joint pain and just told to take Meloxicam to help, (btw, I quit my 5 diet coke a day habit and the joint pain is basically gone) And I don't have to mention the DH...to me that's a dead giveaway. Anyway, my point is...I'm not crazy. I'm suffering and I want answers. But I also don't want to be seen by a doctor that will also think I'm crazy. BUT...today I think I may have found a doctor onlline that I'm willing to pay a million dollars to if she can help me!! Here is the link, check it out and see what you think: http://www.drvanzant.com/ She isn't labeled a ND, but that's pretty close to what she is!! I'm really really excited about finding this, but now I just have to decide if I wanna make the call and go in. I just DON'T want to go back on gluten. At all. I know I'm only a week or two into this, but I don't wanna start over. Also, as far as the dairy thing goes...I think I'm gonna have to ditch that too!! My coffee gives me instant diarrhea in the morning...and ice cream does the same thing. And I never even thought of the thing in my nose being DH! Duh...also...I get it in my belly button and below too! And looking back, I think I've got it on my face too. I used to get "acne' that itched like a mother jumper and crusted over...just like this crazy rash! Okay...sorry for the rambling again..and thanks so much for all your help! It's been wonderful to talk with people who don't think you are nuts!!
  5. Please Take A Peek For Me?

    I took so many pictures, and actually uploaded some of the crappier pics, because I was in a hurry. Something weird that I have noticed since quitting gluten, I've got a cold sore in my nose!? I haven't got a cold sore in a long time, because I can keep them at bay with lysine...but I guess I didn't catch this one in time. If it's not one thing, it's another! :/
  6. Please Take A Peek For Me?

    Wow, first of all THANK YOU SO MUCH for you wonderful welcome and reply! You have given me a lot to read and think about! In regards to my daughter, I actually am already thinking she might be dealing with it already. She hasn't been labeled failure to thrive, (altho probably should have, don't have the greatest pedi) but she hasn't gained weight since she was 18 months, and she will be two next month. She also has a lactose intolerance, or so I believe. She has always drank almond milk, as it is the only thing she can handle without getting horrible gas and diarrhea. So, you have a really good point about me going for a diagnosis myself then! I'd kind of like to just go and get a diagnosis for the DH, and then I will know. If I go and try and get a diagnosis for Celiac, A. I'll have to eat gluten again, and B. I'll still need to get a diagnosis for the DH. But, I don't trust the dermatologist that I have already seen to listen to me about the dh, so I'd llike to find one that has dealt with this before....so that should be fun! Man, I hoping I can get this under control before my scalp gets worse...should I look into gluten free shampoos too? I CANNOT believe how much stuff gluten is in!! Geesh!! And wow, your hubs ( I always wanna put DH for dearest hubby but that would be really confusing in this forum ..his rash sounds exactly like mine! Crazy!!
  7. Hello all! I'm Nichole, and I am brand new to this forum... and this is actually my first post. (hope it's okay that it is in here) I've been struggling with many issues for over a year, well since giving birth actually. And an intensely itchy rash has been one of them. I won't get into all my other issues here, since this section is for DH, but I'll just say this much: I finally was "diagnosed" with Prurigo Nodularis by the dermatologist. She told me that it probably stemmed from eczema and that I would have it forever basically. Gave me a cream and said it would help itch and clear it up, but most likely it will come back?! Okayyy...well the cream, (and many other highly potent steroid creams I've tried, [hubby has eczema], haven't touched it.) So, I started doing my own research and found the above link I posted and that maybe the problem was DH. I obviously had never heard of it...and had never heard of celiac disease...or gluten for that matter. Started reading about celiac and was astonished....I had almost every symptom, masquerading as something else. I'm thinking this might be my problem...gluten/celiac. I'd like some of you to take a look at these pictures and let me know what you think, if you don't mind. I'm just not convinced that this is eczema....I currently have it on my left shin pretty bad, and small recovering spots on my right shin, both knees and upper back neck. I also have what feels like hives that break out in my scalp at back of head and temple region, but they don't itch nearly as bad as my legs. I'm not sure where to go with all this...do I bother getting a diagnosis? For DH or celiac for that matter? I mean, if the only option is gluten free, then why bother? I'm not really interested in taking dapsone, IF I know that going gluten free will potentially clear it up. (btw, I have been gluten free for a week, and I know that will mess with the testing...I guess I just don't really plan on testing right now) I guess I'm just looking for some input...and thank you for looking! Sorry this post is pretty choppy and scattered..but I only have so much time with a toddler running wild here!