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  1. Help! I Am Overwhelmed!

    Hello everyone, I am also new to this site and a wife to a husband with Celiac. He had been sick for about 12 years and mis diagnosed many many times. Finally we had a niece we were talking to and she has it and we talked symtoms so of course my husband went in for a blood test. They called back and said he tested positive. They wanted to schedule him for a biopsy. We have a very large deductible so I asked them if it was positive would the treatment plan be different. They said no so I said no to the test. He has been gluten free since June 10. He was also very thin because of the lack of nutrients. He has now gained about 20 lbs. and doing awesome. I shop and make sure he has staples but he is good to cook for himself. I work out of the home and he is a farmer so he is around for all his meals. Sometimes I come home and he has had rib eye steak for lunch. We try to keep things simple. Meat, potatoes or rice and veggies. He loves potatoes and eggs so he eats them lots. I do love to bake so I make him treats every now and then. He doesn't like gluten-free bread or pasta. He would rather go without so we do. He also likes to snack on granola and I pack it with as much protein as possible. He eats like there is no tomorrow. He says he just can't get enough food but he has gone for so many years with no appetite and now he is back the way he was in his 40's. We raise beef, pork and lamb. I have 3 freezers so he eats alot of proten. He doesn't take any supplements because he feels so good. Before this I was always making him take a handful of things just to try to keep his nutrients up. We are going to go a year and then have his blood tested at our local health fair and see where his levels are. I know they will be good just because he looks and feels good. good luck to you and remember to keep it simple.