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  1. Hi! I am and hour and a half north of Pittsburgh, originally from near Monroeville. Do you do any of these events in Pgh. area? I would love to attend but not sure about travelling to Philly. Hope your thyroid issue gets to be better for you! Look forward to chatting with both of you!
  2. Welcome Aunia! I am also new, 10 months diagnosed. I am stll having problems and I am wondering about hair products, soap. What are you using, may I ask? I feel I am also dairy intolerent. So I have started to watch that too. Well good luck to you!
  3. My name is Chris. I am 10 months diagnosed. Looking for people in my area to chat with.
  4. I am still having problems while eating gluten-free. Do I really need to go out and buy my own plates, utensils etc. And I am having a problem with family members understanding about this disease.
  5. Wow! I go to my Digestive Doc next week and besides the Celiac I gotta ask him about the Dairy too. I'm on 2nd day of stomach pain and diarrhea. This is horrible. I hope the best for you.