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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. squimming itch.... you are very informative and i will look into other posts regarding my reaction....and you will not believe this.... my brother in law had been suffering from a blistering itching rash since last fall..... been to doctors had all kinds of diagnosis and prescriptions of which nothing helped.....THEN i remembered your post regarding your condition and talked to my sister and sent her your email...... they went back to docter who reluctingly sent him to a dermatoligist and had a biopsy done on the blisters and sure enough tonight they found out he has celiac.......... they have been through hell!!!!!! and back! he also has other problems like emotional sleeping etc..... all kinds of stuff that celiac affects but you think you must have a neological problem.... and because of you he got diagnosed..... i never heard of the rash before you!!!!! it sucks but is so awesome they found out... he been going crazy with the itch... and the pain!!!!!! and of course i gave them the heads up about the hunger as you did me lol thank you so much!!!!!! they so relieved to see an end in sight..... THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! patti ann
  2. hey....there you are! lol sorry to hear about the house ive had lots of let downs when it comes to buying houses...but i always think there will be another one and there always is! and so the hunger pains do continue. one thing i have found to help a bit is i have switched to brown rice. seems to keep me fuller longer. question for ya..... had a bad friday night there was no food in the house and i broke down and ate half a jamaican patty. expecting to be extremely sick next couple days but wasnt that bad. bloated like 9 months pregnant, bowel irratbility and finally a bit of nausea. but nothing as bad as i use to get even with accidental glutening. do you know if the longer you are gluten free and the intestines heal does your body handle the gluten differently? not sure if im asking that question right? not that im gona start eating gluten occasionally at all but was really surprised i wasnt worse. usually i vomit my guts out next morning. just wonderd IF the body has healed quit a bit if it doesnt react so violently..as when it is extremely damaged and worn out? let me know your thoughts welcome back!
  3. thanks diana i find now i only look pregnant after accidental gluten...then its right back to the way i use to be. i have been gluten free since beginning of april... and dealing with intense hunger now. i will try b 12 shots and see if that helps. i go threw days of coping and then days of depression but thats only when im out and about and cant eat on the go like the rest of my family and then find myself having to have my husband drive round and round trying to find something i can eat after everyone else has. just frustrated. i am happy though that i did find out what is wrong....even though it sucks. my life has improved so much....im happier for the most part and im not sleeping my life away i have energy again. my husband cant believe the difference. just had a bad couple days.......
  4. "squiming itch" IM STARVING NOW!!! i literally get hunger pains all the time. i cry because food is not accessable when im out. i pack food everyday when i go work but when i have to go out unexpected like a funeral this week two hours from home it was so hard finding gluten free food in a rush only had two hours between visitations to eat. finally found thai restaruant that made me rice and chicken but the time it was delivered and i sat watching everyone eat.... we had to head back to funeral home. thank god i did order a chicken skewer so i could eat it in the car... but i find it embarresing, inconvenient and frustrating and so depressing!!! i never expected these hunger pains thank you for giving me a heads up!!! will this subside or is it part of my life now... would b-12 shots help or vitiman suppliments?
  5. THANKS FOR ALL THE INFO!!! GOOD NEWS..... Ive been over a week without any accidents. im starting to feel and look better! thank you for your help and guidance from everyone who take time to post. i still feel like theres a bit of a storm brewing down there and waist line hasn't shrunk any but sticking with the whole foods has helped. i also liked the post about thinking about "what you can eat & not what you can't" that certainly helped with my personal "pity party"! it has been a rough 4 months with trying to be gluten free and having so many accidents. Having the advice from you guys has certainly been a support. I think im on the right track now! Thank you!!! I will prepare myself for the "gluten withdrawal" symptons. Im pretty sure ive gone through some of them but will prepare for the worst!
  6. What about rice? Jasmine or basmati?
  7. Wow! thats alot of challenges!!! my husband wanted to go to the pub last night!!! Not a great option to find gluten free food but i was able to order a grilled chicken breast served on lettuce! (but i was still hungry and was starring at his fries and gravy with drool dripping down my chin) And all i could think of was... "for the way that i eat now.. i should have certainly lost weight".. but NO! 4 gluten free months later and weight has gone up! sucks!
  8. "Squirmingitch" you make me laugh!!!! "perspective patti-ann perspective" lol Your also very informative! I'm not sure if it was your post regarding the "whole foods" suggestion but did you try this in the beginning and does it really speed things up? and what exactly does it consists of? This week i found brown rice pasta... and its like an angel hair noodle!! It's been like Manna from Heaven for me, however i think it may be plugging me up and causing me to hold water.
  9. AND..... it would bug me too having a friend say "welcome to our world" just because "by Choice" they are gluten free..... I'm sure every now and then they cheat and "thats ok" cause they won't feel sick! Its not the same at all! That would be frustrating!
  10. That is so true.... i did stop complaining about it! I have a sister who is full of energy and always the life of the party and i remember saying to my mom a few weeks before i found out about celiac... "i wish i could be more like her, but i don't even have the energy to carry on a conversation" but i am improving and hopefully after a few more months I will see benefits. i read on one of the posts about avoiding "lactose"? i think this is an avenue i should try! Is it true.... that most people with celiac gain weight when they go gluten free? I hope this is not true
  11. well... im right on schedule! its tuesday morning and the vomiting has set in. does anyone else get this symptom? its like a morning sickness there is nothing in my stomach except for byle and a little coffee and this always happens around the 3rd day after injusting the gluten!
  12. i just want to say thank you to all of you that are so experienced with this disease.. to take your time to read these posts and actually reply! You have no idea what it means to me and anyone else new to this! Out of 9 kids...im the only one so far diagnosed..but my uncle has it and he found out 20 years ago! my hemotolagist figued i have had it all my life and i'm now 38! my mom said well that explains why you were anemic as a child and wouldnt eat as i always complained of stomach pains. i was so chronically fatiqued that i went to a natural path for help as for the last three years i complained to my doctor with my symptons especially the nausea and all she said was "wow thats wierd" anyways after talking to natural path for two hours she said you need to get tested for celiac! so back to family doctor! tested and positive..off to hemotolagist and i have non traceable IGA which he figured because ive had it so long it undiagnosed that it did that much damage!!! i was so relieved at the time to find out and all i had to do was adjust my diet! now i realize how hard that is! its not like most people who go gluten free to loose weight...and occasionally have that little cheeseburger to cheat and have no reactions from it. this is totally different and a challenge to maintain! thank you for the support it means the world to me!
  13. thank you to both of you for your input! i was so upset posting this i didnt realize how many grammer errors i had. haha! i actually cried last night and this morning and i cant remember the last time anything made me cry! i will try the baking soda and pepto bismo. i havent had gingerale since my diagnose's cause i read it had caramel colouring and that it can contain gluten. Please correct me if i'm wrong and thank you so much for your suggestions and support!
  14. newly diagnosed and just joined this forum cause im extremely frustrated!! almost four month and now and extremely strict with my diet. Now im more sensiteve to smallest amount of gluten then ever before. when i get gluten in me i bloat like im 8 months pregnant, im 5 ft 5 135 pounds skinny legs with this bloated tummy (when i get accidental gluten) just need to know if anyone has suggestions that can alleviate the bloating and nausea faster it takes me about 3-4 days to get rid of these symptons. im so frustrated.. had to help people move yesterday and every one had pizza, i ordered the gluten free (obviously not) must have got contaminated and then i starved the rest of the day while everyone ate mcdonalds for dinner and then had to pick up my daughter and she was hungry so husband got her a sub so finally at 9:00 last night i ate my rice again. and for all that torment yesterday.... i got gluten in me and today bloated tomorrow with be nausea and accompanied with the runs. im so frustrated and now feelings of anger setting in!