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  1. Cheers guys! The thing that actually prompted my rant was waking up from a dream where I was sitting eating domino's pizza! HAHA! crazy brain! Persei V I totally understand the hunger thing. I'm Currently trying out a few things that would mean I can totally avoid the canteen at work and make a bee line for a table and eat what i have bought with me A few of you have re-enforced the fact that this is in the long run going to be so good for me! I guess that slips my mind every so often... the headaches have already gone. Although after yesterday's bread disaster my joints are SCREAMING at me. So hears hoping they shut the hell up tomorrow haha! Thank you all for your kind words! This is a REALLY good support network I spoke to my flatmates today about it and they have all said they would make a conscious effort to keep the kitchen cleaner so I don't have to scrub it before making anything to eat! Some of the breakfast options you've all mentioned I would never have even thought of and I just found an excellent breakfast muffin recipe which is basically an all day breakfast (minus the beans) in a muffin, sounds odd but it's pure genius! I'll post it in the recipe thingy bit. Thanks to Sa1937 for those links! They are really helpful Wishing you all (i think you're all across the pond eh?) a healthy and positive day. I'm off to dream about Hershies Now i know they are gluten free i'll be finding my nearest american candy store and stocking up for when I need a boost so if anyone knows somewhere in Scotland (Edinburgh) that sells it give me a shout? Love and hugs Renee:D
  2. So I posted here a while ago with symptoms and my doc kept putting me off the tests for various reasons. However I finally got them done and after what felt like a century they all came back positive! I have no idea as to figures and whatnot he just talked me through them and told me to go completely gluten and dairy free for three months at which point he would try re introducing dairy and see how that went. If it went well then that's fine and i can eat dairy but if not then i'd have to come off it again for a while and reintroduce it a wee bit later and see what happened again. This all seems to go with the advice I've been given so far... There's just two problems... I have now been gluten free for 3.5 weeks (even though yesterday i was absent mindedly decidedly making a sandwich and boom i ate 'normal' bread! Ooops. Which may explain how rubbish i feel right now?) And at first when I was saying no to Pringles and stuff that i was offered it actually made me feel really proud of myself, however now it's driving me INSANE! I just want to eat like a normal person! I have no idea what I can eat I'm constantly checking labels and questioning things that people offer me cause I'm not sure and I'm sure i can see them rolling their eyes! I get that people are not necessarily going to understand it and whatnot but UGH! I'm really struggling to stick to it with work and college and everything! I just want to be able to grab something and go! but no i have to think about it all the time and everything. I also can't find anything to eat for breakfast which is killing me! and Im sick of eating gluten free pasta with cheese sauce (which i make from scratch so i know its gluten free) I know i should get online and find out some recipies etc and im probably edging towards being a martyr but it I can't be the only one that is fed up and just wants to eat like i did before!? Sorry for ranting, and thanks for listening/reading Renee
  3. Awaiting Results!

    Totally agree! I know that the minute I go and eat something like that I'm going to be on the sofa or in my bed regretting it!
  4. Awaiting Results!

    Im in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. Hope this helps?
  5. Hey there so after all the encouragement I got the other day I made an appointment went in and basically told my doctor to shut up and listen... maybe not quite "shut up and listen" but words to that effect. I sat and read through everything and explained it all in what I'm almost certain was excruciating detail for him haha! He then responded with a barrage of questions some of which baffled me some what! "how easily do you bruise" my honest reply was "eh?" Then he spied the bruise from my previous blood test and his exact words were "holy cow! that's just from a blood test?" haha Any way the questioning continued and he asked if I had any idea as to what I thought was going on so I told him about the conversation with my work colleague and he said that now he's got a full picture of everything he was going to do some more specific blood tests. He pulled the blood results that had been taken previously and babbled a bunch of medical talk and on seeing my bewildered face explained in plain English thank God! It turns out that I am anemic, vitamin D and C deficient and have elevated levels of something or other in my liver. (apologies for the lack of liver info if I'm honest I was still trying to make sense of the babbling that he did previously) Whatever is going on there isn't serious though. So he rattled through some more questions diet, exercise etc etc and finally sent me through to the nurse. After the bloods were taken he was quite intrigued to watch my arm bruise up. Even though the pinprick was TINY the bruise is unbelievably black/purple! He then went on to explain that what I am experiencing is "almost certainly coeliac" and commiserated + apologized for having missed it before. So the blood tests have been sent away and he said depending on the results I may have to have the biopsy done. QUESTION - Should the biopsy be done regardless of the result. The way he was talking was that if it was positive he would not do it? He then concluded the visit by saying "young lady, you have my full permission to go and eat as many McDonalds and other gluten offending foods as those days are likely to be coming to an end!" For as much as I understand the seriousness of the illness I can't help but feel that he was being pretty lighthearted with it all and the attitude he approached the whole subject with was refreshingly humorous! I am also to carry on eating as I would normally until the results come back. These are expected to come in on Monday or Tuesday (which seems pretty quick!) So until then what can I do to stop these stomach cramps dizziness and sighing/inability to catch a breath? Because I am currently unable to sleep even though its 02:11 AM. I'm also sat on the sofa, with my laptop on the floor typing this since I can't bring myself to sit up straight! Thank you all again for your kind words the other day <3
  6. At My Witts End!

    Thank you all for your advise and support. I've had a read through the forum and it seems I have a lot of learning to do! So much information it's untrue! I will defiantly be mentioning to my doctor all those tests. I know they are currently screening/testing my blood for rheumatoid arthritis and a whole bunch of other stuff and should get the results back in the next few days. So we'll see what comes back out of all that and i'll get the names of the tests that he's run. I've taken nvsmom's advise and had a chippy tonight. Even though I'm paying for it now :/ But hey ho hopefully this'll get sorted soon! I think from here on I've just gotta be insistent that they explore every avenue possible and not let them fob me off with a bunch of rubbish right!? The possibility of me having a vitamin deficiency hasn't been suggested before either but on looking about here that looks like it might be quite common and maybe the culprit for having such weak nails and for those funny marks I get on them too!?? Another excellent point made was taking the list to the doctor. So I have it written out and will take it with me on my next apt and insist he hears me out with it! That way he'll get a better picture than just cutting me off and ordering bloods again. Cause appart from anything else im sick of the bruises they leave! On the note of the stuttering, it's been a problem all my life and is so much better now but still really noticeable. Like you squirming itch i also trip over words or find my self at a loss for the word I need! and quite often when I see people raising their eyebrows just burst into my own jibberish language and make a joke of it. But it will be interesting to see if I end up on a gluten free diet, weather that makes a difference. (however working out if its the diet or weather it may be cause my confidence may increase when I hopefully start feeling better). I would probably get the docs to listen more if I knew more about the family medical history. However I have no access to my father's side as he passed away when I was young and my mother and I are far from close unfortunately but there are some other people I could ask. Again thank you for your help people. I'm hoping I can get the products that have been mentioned on here in Scotland? But lets take it one step at a time and cross that bridge when I come to it or I'm going to start getting REALLY overwhelmed! Cheers, Renee
  7. Hi there guys! I'm brand new here, and found you're wonderful community after being told to research the gluten free diet. To be honest things are starting to make sense! After 5 years of confusion (total and utter confusion) it was mentioned to me that I was showing signs of gluten intolerance. This was mentioned by a friend at work. She herself is celiac and after I had a panic attack she was helping me to recover a normal breathing rhythm when we started to get into the discussion of how crappy i constantly feel. And I kid you not, she is the first person to have listened to me without assuming I am a raging hypochondriac! Basically I'm looking for some pointers as to how to get the doctor to listen to me the way my friend did! In the past year I have moved twice, but I am now settled so I can finally speak to a doctor without thinking about what a waste of time it is when I'm just going to have to explain it all again... I'm just going to go ahead and have a whinge about what bothers me, and I'll put in there if anything seems to make it any better! -nausea -daily -bloating (like I'm 6/7months pregnant!) my stomach, thighs and face are most noticeable. i often cant gem my jeans on for the swollen legs... -daily this has become a joke among my friends but is very uncomfortable -stomach cramps which are too high to be anything menstrual -daily -aching joints ( currently having blood tests for arthritis)daily -insomnia - day/nightly -muscle ache -daily -headache, which often turn to migraines -daily -dizziness -daily (usually in the evening) -constant fatigue, it makes me feel so week that the thought of going to the shop (just down the stairs) or anything like that fills me with dread as i know how getting back up the stairs will render me useless when i get in the door. -daily -aching back -daily -inability to catch breath or fill my lungs completely. This often starts my panic attacks cause i get the feeling i cant breath properly. my friends also pointed out that they hear me 'sigh' a lot. I'm actually asked several times a day why I'm sighing. -constipation -woolly head, I'm not sure what to call this but to me it feels like my brain has been replaced by cotton wool! -weekly sometimes worse than other times and some weeks it can be all week others just once or twice a week. -stiffness -constant need to pee -daily -very painful wind that i can feel breaking up inside me -need to sit/lie down often - gut pain, like I'm just about to have real bad diarrhea but then nothing happens - usually unbalanced/uncoordinated due to dizziness - i find it almost impossible to sit for any length of time... like at the cinema - mood swings - and to top it all off my stutter which had improved has started getting really bad again. Although I put this down to confidence dropping because i feel so crap all the time. So does any of that make sense to people or is it just all in my head as one of the doctors had suggested? I'm at my wits end, I'm 20 and feel like I'm just about to celebrate my 100th birthday not my 21st! I cant believe after 4/5 years of feeling so rubbish all the time there is still no clear reason! I'm ever more emotional these days cause i just want to be able to go out and do normal things. I'd like to go to work and not feel like I'm going to fall apart at the end of it especially since my shift are only 5 hours at a time. Id like to be able to wake up one morning and not feel like the day is going to be a battle from start to finish! Thank you in advance if you read through this it means the world to me to just have an inkling as to what may be going on or on the other hand be able to rule anything out! Renee!