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  1. Hi all, I'm on the Gold Coast, and haven't visited this site for ages. Don't know whether this will post in time or be read in time - but there is a GLUTEN FREE EXPO in Brisbane Tomorrow!! Sat 9th Sept. Its at the Mercure Hotel, North Quay, Brisbane city. The Coeliac Society are having their AGM first at 9am, then the expo is from 10am until 2pm. Should be lots of great things i would think. I'm hoping that Rocco Sorrelle will be there - they are a restaurant on the Sunshine Coast that also sell the BEST pasta and pizza bases that i have ever had. Are you guys also aware that Muffin Break also now do gluten free muffins? They usually have a couple of different types, and they usually vary each day. I believe all the stores will have them. They taste GREAT! Will try and keep up with the site for a while Lisa
  2. Which whole foods did you get the kinnik stuff? My first stop will be whole foods and trader joes in san francisco and pleasanton. Later in the trip i know of whole foods in san diego, wild oats and henrys marketplace in fullerton, la and las vegas. After reading the recomendations of the kinnik bread and donuts i want to get some but am wondering if online is the best way (i can have it delivered to my cousin in Livermore at the beginning of our trip) however with travelling around for 4 weeks, i will need more during the trip and wont be able to keep it frozen. Any further suggestions would be great. Many thanks Lisa
  3. do all goats milk contain casein naturally?? the one i get (in australia) doesnt list ingredients as there is nothing actually added to the goat milk. I had IGG blood test and showed severe dairy allergy, but okay for soy bean and goats milk. Am seeing allergist this week to confirm exactly what options i have. have been using goats milk and dairy free butter for 8 months now, and although bloating has gone, i am still getting hives and have to take daily antihistamines to counteract them. Couldnt believe it when i read your post - but i am not sure if the sever dairy allergy is the same as the casein allergy? will clarify with allergy specialist. Still not certain that it is the dairy that is causing the hives anyway. And i admit that i will still have been getting some small amounts of dairy over the last 8 months, as the only decent and readily available bread in australia has milk solids in it, also most of my favourite gluten-free biscuits probably have dairy. Giving up gluten has been bad enough, but dairy also seems nearly impossible.!
  4. Excellent thread! Has helped narrow down my online shopping list for my trip to California! Was wondering how to work out which products to order I know here in Australia there are products out there that I also wouldnt feed my dog - dont know who buys them but they keep making them (or maybe they are the same ones still sitting on the shelves for months on end?). Any recomendations on preferred online shop? Have looked at gluten free mall, gluten free pantry so far. just found another post (from Bean i think) with links to shop by diet and allergy grocery search. They look good and will also allow me to get dairy free as well as gluten free. Lisa
  5. "Desensitising to Allergies" - does anybody have good/bad experiences with these new treatments? A clinic I know of in Brisbane, Qld, Australia (also in Melbourne i think) is called AAE - Advanced Allergy Elimination and i believe they started in the US. I know they cant help celiac, but it sounds like they can treat all other allergies. i am a bit wary and sceptical, but would love to know if people have had any success. I know of a friend who took his 6 yr old daughter there who had been suffering eczema that they had worked out by elimination was triggered by wheat. She had one treatment with them and has since been able to safely eat wheat again without getting any eczema! But another friend in her late 20's went with numerous health problems/allergies, including wheat, dairy and very poor digestive acids, and after i think 10 treatments, she was no better off and her body seemed even more out of balance. This was 18months ago, and I have lost touch with her but believe most of her problems have now settled down with the help of a naturopath and herbalist. Cheers Lisa
  6. Thanks for the ideas everybody. I have been treated to date (and diagnosed) by my GP doctor who is so much more than just a normal GP - he believes in alternative therapies and in finding a cause not just treating symptoms. But after initially treating me for hormonal imbalance, finding the celiac, and adjusting my thyroid medication, he is getting a bit stumped with the hives and has referred me to an allergy specialist who i finally get to see next week. Dont know if he will have any better options for me. Very interesting Michelle of your goats milk reaction - maybe that is still my problem - although i never drunk the stuff at all prior to getting the allergy test and hives started last year. My tests also showed up grapefruit, pears and coffee which i never eat/drink either. And yet they did not show up for wheat! But they say celiac is different to an allergy. After having read some of these forums, I have learnt a lot and can go to the allergy specialist armed with lots of info and questions! Will report back in 10 days with the outcomes - if any! I have in the past found Wild Oats stores, and last May discovered Whole Foods in New York (to die for brownies and blondies!!) and have heard recently about trader joes. Have searched the net and noted addresses near to the various locations we will be staying (san fran, anaheim, vegas, san diego). We have a rental car the whole 4 weeks, so can pack a cooler and carry lots of gluten-free food for me, and we have booked accom with a fridge for most places. At the beginning of our trip we spend 3 days with my cousin who lives in Livermore (1 hr east of san fran) so I have been looking at the online shopping and will get a delivery (or two) sent to her place for us to collect. May even ask her to bake one of the brownie packet mixes! Cheers all! Lisa
  7. Hello from Australia - this is my first post, but i have been reading many posts for a week now. I was diagnosed from blood test and then biopsy Jan 03 and have been relatively gluten free since then. Last Nov i had blood allergy tests done and showed up for severe dairy allergy, and also reacted to coke, coffee, grapefruit, pears and rice! The last two are generally considered some of the safest foods when doing an elimination diet! I only had the blood test done when i couldnt stand the hives any longer. i started getting hives (sometimes itchy and welts, other times swelling on my face, usually lips) at various times, and over the last year it became more regular until lately it is daily. So i take daily antihistamine tablets now to counteract and halt the itch and swelling. And yet i have been trying to eliminate dairy from my diet for 6 months now (majority of the time i'm very good but it gets hard when we travel or go out to lunch). So we are still not certain that it is the dairy that is causing the hives. We are holidaying in California for a month from 22 aug - and i have been researching the online forums and shops for gluten free and dairy free options. Our supermarkets in OZ are pretty good for soy milk, goats milk and all have some gluten free bread and flours etc in them. I was told to avoid soy milk as severe dairy allergy usually extends to soy - so at home i use goats milk. how easy is it to get in California supermarkets? Will have to make do with soy in my hot tea from starbucks when we are out and about though. Appreciate any suggestions to making travelling life easier. Cheers Lisa