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  1. IMO, you can't expect a seven year old to completely make his own food choices... and these are not unnecessary restrictions that you are placing on him. I agree, if he were diabetic would you allow him to eat candy all day? The transition is the most difficult part, and you need to move your son forward in the transition phase. When he begins to realize that other foods (I hate to always use "gluten-free" because fruit and veggies are gluten-free) are also tasty, it won't be such a struggle.
  2. You're not bragging, you're just happy.
  3. When my son was young, he would get a high fever and swollen glands if he ate a lot of wheat, meaning three or more meals with wheat (he's gluten-sensitive, not allergic).
  4. When my son was a toddler, he loved avocados. I would just peel the skin off 1/2 and he'd hold it like a popsicle. It was messy, but fun for him to eat.