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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Fantastic Gluten Free Bakery In Nj!

    Hmmm, I retract my previous post. Did a quick internet search on this place and found several articles. Seems like the real deal! People love it. That's great! Enjoy!!
  2. Fantastic Gluten Free Bakery In Nj!

    An ALL Gluten free shop! How long have they been open? In all honesty, and not to be so negative, but I say enjoy it while you can. Can't see a buisness that caters soley to such a small niche group surviving for very long. But, let's hope so!
  3. Chipotle

    Wow, that sure ain't gonna happen in my part of the world. All the Chipotle's I've been to here in SW Ohio are totally rude. I was at the Springboro location once and a women told the girl behind the counter that her little boy had peanut allergy. The girl literally said "well, we don't sale peanut butter and jelly burritos here. So what do you want"!! The women decided to eat elsewhere. That said, I love Chipotle's. Delicious stuff!
  4. There are home test available also. They are relitively cheap and as accurate as a lab test if done properly. The one i'm waiting on claims 93% accuracy. I'm going that route instead of thru a doctor. If I get a negative result I'm gonna leave it at that. If I get a positive result I will let my PCP know.
  5. Reception Dinner Etiquette

    Personally I would not bring my own food. I would just eat before I went, or after. If your trying to avoid an awkward situation then bringing your own food is not the way to go. You will certainly cause a bit of a stir by whipping out your lunchbox while everybody is sitting down to a nice dinner. Also, depending on where the dinner is being held bringing in your own food may be a problem. Many restaurants and banquet facilities do not allow people to bring food or drink into a eatery due to possible contamination issues and liabilities.
  6. Yeah I get the eye rolling thing. I mentioned the possibility of celiacs to an ER doc a few years back and he rolled his eyes and said "everybody thinks they have celiacs disease". My pcp is also not a fan lol. I mentioned it to him and he was like "eh, it's more hype then disease". And he is a world class physican from one of americas top 10 hospitals. Funny how much confusion there is.
  7. I read somewhere that gluten free food in Italy is FAR better then what we can get in the staes. Is this true?? If so, why?
  8. Thanks for the replies! I tried a gluten free bun once but I can't remember who made it. It was disgusting. Jungle Jims in Ohio was where I bought it. If I can find a decent gluten free beer I'll be somewhat placated. So far I've tried Redbridge and Bards. Both were just barely drinkable.
  9. Yeah, I was glad to hear steak is gluten free lol. I can eat that 7 days a week I guess! Will be hard to give up a good burger though. Pizza I can live without.
  10. Symptoms of Celiacs seem to include just about everything from headaches to cancer. Far too many listed to get a feel for whether or not I might actually have the disease. I was wondering if there is a list, or a pie chart, or the like that breaks the most common symptoms down in percentages. Something like this. Anemia 50% cramps 30% brain fog 25% Of course the above number are just for example.
  11. I say no way! Let them enjoy gluten like most people do. I can't imagine growing up without enjoying pizza's and cakes, and bread. I know they make gluten free alternatives to all these foods, but so far as I can tell the alternatives are pretty blah.
  12. Well I'm not avoiding gluten at this time so i'm not worried about cross contamination just yet. But how could someone actually live that way anyways?? So I can't eat a steak at a steakhouse because they serve gluten foods there?? Ridiculous. I better be negative for Celiacs cause this wont work for me.
  13. I have yet to be diagnosed, but the thought of going gluten free is very depressing to me also. Especially being a HUGE beer lover. To make matters worse, I tried the new gluten free pizza from Dominos last night just to see what I might be in store for. That did nothing to eliviate my depression. It was pretty awful.
  14. I have yet to be diagnosed but i'm worried I may have Celiacs. Out of curiosity I've been trying a few gluten free food products to see what I'm in store for if I do indeed have celiac disease. So far, blah, not much success. We tried the new gluten free pizza from Dominos last night and it was just blah. It was eatable I guess but certainly far from good. The crust had a wierd chewy texture to it. I also have tried some gluten free bread that was just plain awful. Lastly I tried Redbridge Beer. I'm a huge beer lover so I was expecting the worst here. It was again, just okayish. Watery and kinda had a cider flavor. I'd rate it a 3 out of 10. So anyways, all this has left me quite depressed about a possible diagnoses. I was wondering if anyone just plain avoids foods that are "supposed" to be made with gluten? I believe this may be the approach I take. It may be too depressing otherwise for me. No pizza is better then bad pizza kinda deal.
  15. I believe it's also possible to be "gluten sensitive" without actually having celiacs right???