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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Count me in as well. I can't tolerate certified gluten free oats either.
  2. We haven't had a post like this in a number of years. What brand of menstrual pads do you use? I switched to CVS cotton pads and they are glorious, but also 50cents a pad. I can't use my menstrual cup all the time. Do you have any brands that are cheaper and don't cause DH flares. Because nothing says fun like being on your period and having your skin break open around your lady bits.. I have been diagnosed with celiac disease. I have DH, so I really need pads that won't make my immune system eat through my skin. If I have to I will stick with the CVS cotton ones, I just was hoping for something less costly.
  3. Hi! Just hope this is the right place for me to be. I have done all the testing and scopes. Went gluten free, still raised counts, the gluten free house, when that didn't work my GI put me on Fasano diet and low fodmap. Finally my counts are below the threshold, borderline but still below! It is hard to believe that my 7ppm flour was a culprit. my spouse even went fully gluten free at work and throws his clothes in the wash as soon as he comes in since not doing that has led to issues. My cousin just was hospitalized for refractory sprue complications. Luckily so far I can keep my counts down so it looks like RS isn't in my future. So howdy! Hope this is the right spot, can't wait to learn more.
  4. What kind of flour do they use? If I eat certified gluten-free oats I still get horribly ill. Bean flour bothers many of us because a damaged intestine can't process it as well. What was their gluten substitute? Most of the gums except for xanthan are bean too. Guar gum is surprisingly made from beans. if it isn't the flour or the gum then there are a few more places to look too. Lactose can make you gassy and bloated. Even if you haven't had lactose intolerance before, years of accumulated damage can reduce the amount you can digest. Sugar, specifically fructose is another culprit for the same reason. Fructose should be processed by the small intestine, when it can't be it dumps into the large intestine and the gas and bloating starts.
  5. Gluten Free In Montana

    i know you probably already went, but for future folks looking to eat in Bozeman. Here is a preliminary list but some of these may be cut out or added to depending on how easily you react. The 1,2 and 3 should be safe for anyone if you talk with the staff provided you aren't borderline refractory. 1. Whistle Pig Korean. Yes, go! 2. Sweet Chili Asian Bistro (Thai). Very good and the chefs are willing to work with you. 3. Five on Black (Brazilian). All food except for one chili Oil on the wall is gluten-free 3. Wendy's (the one on 19th, not the one on main.) 4. Taco del Mar (depends on who is working) 5. Makenzie River Pizza. They work hard to avoid CC 6. Nova Cafe, decent breakfast but I have been contaminated here once 7. Co-op. They do baked goods and have gluten-free bacon, baked goods are not in a dedicated facility but they work hard to eliminate the possibility of contamination. Go to the one on between 10th and 11th on main ( both stores are on main). The larger one has a great coffee shop upstairs that is perfect for some won't with celiac disease. This is the only coffee in town that I trust.
  6. Anti-Depressants!

    I prefer the dailymed webpage to glutenfreedrugs.com, but will use both. https://dailymed.nlm.nih.gov/dailymed/advanced-search.cfm the benefit of daily med by the national institute of health is that you can search by NDC code. This is a unique number assigned to every single version of a pill. You can then pull up the data sheet for the specific pill and identify fillers. So the name brand will have a code, and each generic will have its own code. So you can always know what you get, even if there are 40 different generics on the market all with the same name. This shows the differences. I mean sometimes it means means I have to call 5 different pharmacies to get the specific med that declares their starch filler, but it has saved me time and time again. I have been at the hospital and the nurse tries to give me a pill and my spouse can look it up and know that that particular generic or name brand doesn't declare their stuff. Hope it helps.
  7. celiac and anxiety?

    Anxiety can go hand in hand with celiac. Celiac disease damages your intestine. A damaged intestine may have problems absorbing key nutrients like Folate and B12. This was the case for me. My doctor placed me on a very high dose of folic acid and b12 because I was severely deficient. Both of these are required to properly manage dopamine and serotonin. Once my nutrient levels came up through supplements and intestinal healing my anxiety became much better. On the rare times I do get gluten in my system the anxiety comes back. There are different types of anxiety too. The nervousness of eating out will always be there. Not having a dedicated gluten free house can also cause stress. Those are different types of anxiety than you get from malabsorption issues. When you were talking about social anxiety that was my big red flag. The lower my levels dropped the more like a hermit I became. Not even stuff related to celiac, things like calling people on the phone stressed me out. Good luck, I hope you can find the help you need. It may be stressful, but it is totally worth getting help for this.
  8. Seattle vacation - where to eat?

    I too am going there in about two weeks. We go a few times a year so I have some recommendations outside of findmeglutenfree. Now to be fair I am am part of the super sensitive group, so while that website is an awesome resource for those that can eat above 10ppm I have had to be a bit more selective.. i am so glad I saw your thread, maybe someone will suggest a safe restaurant I have not tried yet. 1. Razzis- yes go there, they are so good and careful. Don't miss out, eat dinner out here without fear. The staff is well trained. 2. The Wurst Place -. This is a sausage shop downtown. They make all their own sausages, buns and sauces. They have a separate device to cook the gluten-free bread. If you tell them you have celiac, they will bring you your own separate condiment containers from the back. Like Razzis it isn't a dedicated gluten free place but they go to great lengths to keep you safe. 3. Blue-C sushi- conveyer belt sushi with a gluten-free menu and Tamari option. I asked to have my rolls made separately with a clean knife and rolling mat. They obliged and I was served my rolls from the chefs in the center while my friends used the belt sushi. 4. Red Robin- Yes, boring and everywhere. But sometimes it is just nice to be able to get a burger and not worry, The one in Bellevue by the mall is really good. 5. Thrive- good food. Did not get sick. it is very pricy for what you get. That being said it was one of the rare times I left a restaurant feeling better after eating. If your villi are flattened, you will want to just be very aware that the food is gently cooked or raw. They were very good about adjusting my dinner so it didn't include any of the veggies I can't digest anymore like mushrooms. It is low fat, dairy, egg and yeast free too so many of the problem areas for many of us are just covered. 6. Uwajimaya Market- this is one of the local Asian supermarkets. I found so much stuff here I could eat. I know you were looking for restaurants, but sometimes you just need to grab something quick. I know I am missing some, but as I remember them, I'll post a review here.
  9. My fav was my first GI visit 12 yrs ago. A quick behind glove test, and then back to his office for the results. Dr.: "Stop stressing out, and this should go away" Me : (nearly crying from being so sick) "ok" not knowing better back then Dr: "you may also want to pick up some Benadryl for those hives and rashes you have on you skin'" So stress causes celiac and Benadryl solves DH?? wouldn't that be grand. Wish I had known better back then. On a positive note my dr now rocks and the medical community is finally starting to handle is seriously.
  10. I have been searching far and wide for actual scientific information on pregnancy nutrition, especially for people with celiac. The problem is that there is so much woo(pseudoscience) mixed in with most pregnancy sites. The baby is too important to chance on some non professional just saying yea this worked for me. I am in my early 30s and the disease took away any pregnancy chances in my 20s. I am not going to get many more chances/years so lets make this count. Hard science only and I will be very appreciative for your help! I am coming to the community for help in finding papers and resources I can trust in developing my meal plans. Finds so far: Mayo clinic pregnancy nutrition site USDA Supertracker food plan organizer / tracker
  11. Going To Start Trying Soon!

    I have had no issues with the Natures Bounty Prenatal tablets. They are labeled as having no: artificial flavor, preservatives, sugar, milk, lactose, soy, gluten, wheat, yeast, shellfish and sodium free. Not pregnant yet, but trying. I also agree with others that say to throw away your non food items for gluten. I ended up having to throw out all my makeup and start over. Even my favorite Burt's beeswax Chapstick isn't safe. Same thing with my soap and shampoo. Who would have thought (vital wheat gluten) was a hair care product. Dove soap, carmex have been good replacements for me. No sense in possibly compromising your kiddo.