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  1. As I mentioned in my last post, I am on and off bedridden with multiple chronic conditions and am going to be tested for gluten sensntivity in the near future. With that said, I have no energy to cook (barely have the energy to type these posts) and I also cannot afford premade gluten free foods...I feel like my finances and current state of health is going to make it near impossible for me to follow a gluten free lifestyle. I would like any advise from those who are in the same predicament. While the recipes look yummy i have noone to make them for me and cannot buy many gluten free products. Thanks for any advise you can give me. I used to belong to a gluten free support group when i tried gluten free years ago and unfortunately the people on there was not very sensitive to my situation and said you either cook gluten free or you buy the premade stuff..they either had someone to cook for them or were not as ill as i was unable to cook for themselves (or they were made of money so i was not successful in going gluten free. My situation is pretty much the same right now but I am hoping for a miracle that will allow me to get around these issues. blessings
  2. Hi everyone. i have not been formally diagnosed with gluten intolerance however since i have an autoimmune disease my dr strongly wants me to consider going totally gluten free. I have tested negative 5 times on standard blood work and on an intestinal biopsy. Over the past month I have been doing mostly a paleo alkaline diet and i have significantly reduced the gluten in my diet however I have had no improvement at all...in fact i have recently gotten worse from detox symptoms. My question is..i see alot of people here with either celiac or gluten free intolerance who are sensntive to even the smallest amounts of gluten...as i said, i have had no improvement SIGNIFICANTLY reducing the gluten in my diet...i am wondering if those with gluten intolerance verus full blown celiac have to still remove all gluten from their diet. I am praying not because of the cost of gluten free products...i have no energy to cook from scratch or even to cook at all and cannot afford gluten free products so sometimes i just have to eat something that my have gluten as opposed to not eating at all (i generally don;t do prepared or process foods but i do have healthy micro meals on hand when i need smoething quick but cannot afford to buy everything gluten free. While there are alot of yummy recipes on this site and others, i am bedridden as we speak and do not have the energy to cook them for myself. Thanks for any advise you can give me
  3. Hi everyone. I am new to this forum but unfortunately not new to a 15 year battle with severe chronic illness. I have been diagnosed with lyme disease, fibromyalgia, cfs, autoimmune thyroid disease and severe adrenal insufficiency. Unfortunately no treatment i have done has worked thus far and my healtth has continued to decline over the years to a very low quality of life and functioning. I have been blood tested for celiac about 5 times and that as well as my intestinal biopsy was negative. I know the connection between autoimmune disease and gluten however until I know for sure that I am gluten intolerant and that it is causing most of my symptoms, i am not going to immediately start on this very difficult and expensive life style change. (most days I am bedridden and not even able to boil eggs, let alone cook from scratch. Right now I am following mostly a paleo/ alkaline diet and have greatly reduced the amounts of gluten in my diet but I really have to make sure i am positive on blood tests before i totally go gluten free My question is...i have recently found out that the traditional testing for celiac and gluten intolerance is often unreliable...my dr has suggested the cyrex labs 12 component test. However, another dr of mine (I see 2 holistic drs) mentioned that the dna test for gluten sensitivity is more accurate as i might not have enough gluten in my diet to have cyrex test pick it up. Thanks for any info on which test is more accurate.