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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for the replies. And yes I do get bloated after eating everything. I spoke to my doctor and she seconds the above suggestions for a probiotic. So I'll be looking into that. Thanks
  2. Thanks everyone for the comments! They've been extremely helpful. The thing with me is that after like three or four forkfuls of food I'm done eating. I get full to the point where I feel as though I'm going to be sick! Should I look into maybe takings a multi vitamin just in case? Can anyone prescribe a multi vitamin for me that is gluten free that they like?
  3. Hi I was diagnosed about 2 to 3 weeks ago with Celiacs. Since then I have purchased a few gluten-free items (bread, crackers, rice cakes, pasta, etc) to try out and they are not to bad. But since being diagnosed I have noticed that I have not been able to eat as much as I use to. I can only eat one piece of gluten-free bread as opposed to the 2 slices of bread I use to eat. And that one slice of gluten-free bread fills me up too which is crazy. Dont get me wrong, I dont have eating problems, I have a great appetite for my age/size, and I love to eat, it just seems that my eyes have been bigger then my stomach because I get full very quickly lately. Even my family has noticed that I havent been consuming my usual portion size of food. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Is this normal?
  4. I know that dense feeling you speak of all too well! I'll take feeling light over looking light anyday. Can't wait till I get to that light "normal" feeling. Feel like I have a brick in my stomach. And I get full easily!
  5. Just Diagnosed.....so Many Questions!

    Thanks everyone... I have been fishing around this site quite a bit since I was dx. This site has been a lifeline. I'm looking into downloading that app right now as I type lol! That's amazing that they have an app for that lol. Thanks for everyone's help.. Everyone's so kind even when I feel kinda miserable... Is it crazy of me to be so frustrated that at times I'm almost in tears? I know I probably sound like a child but I'm a little upset... Went to a family get together yesterday and the only thing that was gluten free was the salad I ate with no salad dressing because I wasn't sure if it was or wasn't gluten-free. Frustrated!
  6. I was just dx with Celiacs two days ago. Im happy I found this forum because I have been working with a personal trainer for quite a few months now and both he and I noticed that everything is pretty much toned and looking the way I want it to except my stomach. No matter how many abdominal excercizes I do my stomach always looks somewhat distended. Guessing that all the gluten in my system is to blame. I wonder how long it will take for that to go down. Also, how far into following a gluten free diet will I start to feel better? Its only been 2 days of avoiding gluten but I still dont feel better. Still the nausea, abd pain, and diahrrea.
  7. What's For Breakfast Today?

    3 gluten-free rice cakes an hour and a half later: gluten-free bread with PB & J Attempted the Ehwhron (or however your spell it) Brand cereal in cocoa and it wouldnt go down. I thought I was going to throw that up. It was AWFUL... any normal brand cereal that is gluten-free?
  8. Just Diagnosed.....so Many Questions!

    Was just diagnosed with Celiacs yesterday. I still no close to nothing about but will be meeting with a nutritionist in a few days about it. Kind of scared to eat and a little discouraged. I am going to be traveling to Portugal and Spain in about 2 weeks and printed these great little dining cards that Im guessing explains what I cant have (smart)! Since yesterday I went to the store and bought a few gluten free products (crackers, rice cakes, etc) and its not the tastiest thing in the world (super dry and bland) but it went down.. (with a little water and a prayer)! I am having trouble remembering to stick to the diet (ate pizza for lunch now Im paying for it).. remembering what I am and am not allowed to eat is going to be my struggle. Any suggestions for a person thats new to gluten free living?
  9. New To Celiac

    I feel your pain. I just got diagnosed yesterday with Celiacs Disease. I feel very discouraged and scared to eat anything because a lot of foods contain gluten. I am meeting with a nutritionist who can give me more information about gluten free diets. All I know is that I must try my hardest to stick to gluten free living because the abdominal pain is unbearable. I bought my first gluten free cracker yesterday to see how it tasted. It wasnt bad, tasted kind of bland and super dry but, it went down (with some water and prayer)... I guess I can get use to it. Keep hope, just remember that there is someone somewhere that has it way worse then us. FYI Try looking into gluten free pastas and rices. They sell at whole foods. They are a lil more pricy but hopefully that will make your transition a little easier.