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  1. I was undiagnosed Celiac while pregnant and had an awful time. My husband started making me smoothies with extra silky tofu, fruit & calcium OJ, that got me through it!! I also received help from a homeopathic doctor/nurse/midwife long distance~ a friend of a friend kind of thing. She had me eating rice noodles with broth & ginger to settle my stomach. In the end I gained only 7 pounds and had a low birth weight baby. That was almost 21 years ago ! He was difficult to breastfeed, but I perused and I do not regret it at all. He is a healthy college man now (I can't believe I just called my baby, a man ) He is a little slower on physical growth, but doing very well otherwise!! My other pregnancies were better because I learned how to eat and demand better care for myself. You may want to call around and look for a doctor who has experience with celiacs. I wish I knew then, what I know now. Lots of luck & happiness to you!!