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  1. I was so happy to read this. I have been gluten-free for about 6 month, the 1st 2 were tricky with finding gluten in things the wrong way, or not being careful when handling G foods and then my food. I have been feeling SOOOO good. Most of the time I get a headache within an hour followed by brain fog, then exhaustion 2-3 days later, I also have bathroom issues the next day. Yesterday I ate some stuffed zuchinni, I made it using perdue ground chicken and store brand pre shredded cheese. In an hour or so I could hardly keep my thoughts together, I went to play kickball (adult league- lots of fun) and noticed there was no one at the other teams dug out.....um they were in the outfield....then more dumb moves. Today I had severe diarreah followed by dizziness while attempting Zumba, sore knees and ankles. I quit class early and forced myself through the day. I was happy to read that others experience different reactions to gluten. It gave me comfort to know I am not the only one, and to help me determine that it was gluten that somehow got into my food. I find that white rice is helpful with my recovery, I also had a massage once when I 1st accidentally was glutened and it seemed ot help speed up recovery, make sense as they are detoxifying. I am considering an epsom salt bath. I have heard people suggest good bacteria from suppliments as well as yogurt.