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  1. my youngest daughter who is now six has had this problem for a few years. it did clear up when she went gluten free a year and a half ago. she does still get it occasionally and I too like you came to the conclusion that it was her diaphram not being able to expand due to bloating. it happened to me one day and I put two and two together. I don't know that I am right for sure but this is my best guess. Sometimes when she gets it I think it is because she has been glutened or perhaps there is another food she is reacting to. it scares me to see this tiny little thing( she is still only about 34pounds and she is almost 7) not being able to breathe but it is never as bad as it was before going gluten free.
  2. for years before i had babies I had 14 day long periods. No one ever did figure out what the problem was. i had PMS from hell. I also thought that I had light periods but I did have clots, mind you small but apparently if you have any clotting you have a heavy period. My body was certainly telling me a thing or two and I didn't understand one word. Ithink a lot of it back then had to do my my emotions as well. they were always in high gear. i wanted to be married to my boyfriend. got that. then I wanted babies NOW!!!! twenty years later I can see I was a kid with anxiety and didn't know it. I just couldn't understand how stressed out I was and how I handled all my emotions contributed to my problems. Yeast infections were chronic. I didn't go Gluten free until four years ago and slowly I have learned about anxiety and how my body handles it. I was having full blown Panic attacks on a daily basis by this time four and five years ago. My body wasn't going to stop until i paid attention to it and my emotions. going gluten free was a start but getting my mind and body to relax was crucial. I had The Lord to help me through this but people do all sorts of things to calm themselves down. Being sick is such a cycle of fear and anxiety it is sometimes hard to know how deep you are in it. this is just my experience and thought I would share in case it rang any bells for. My body and mind are finally calm but any stress can stir up physical symptoms. My body is definitley my barometer of my emotional and physical state. by the way the fertility book that everyone is talking about is awesome and really gives you a sennse of what your body is doing. this is empowering in itself. i highly recommend it. Unfortunelty you will probably have to find out your own answers with a lot of research, advice from these boards which is invaluable and experiementation. Not alot of answers usually come from the doctors and it is best to go in loaded with questions and information of your own. Just my opinion but everything that was ever wrong with I figured out first.
  3. ferritin is 13 and hemoglobin 134. My thyroid is all good. I am so happy and relieved about that. I am gong to go on some high dose iron gluconate and see what happens in a month. I know having a bad thyroid will lead to low anemia. What the implications are i don't know.
  4. My ferritin levels have been extremely low for years. Right now it is at 10. My hemoglobin seems to be in the right range just not my ferritin. it seems no matter what I cannot get it up. three years ago when my daughters were 8 and 10 I had them checked and they were very anemic. Low hemoglobin and ferritin one had 17 and the other 21. hemoglobin was 117 and 128 normal is I think around 135. I forgot all about it until I went through old medical records. I always know when they are gettingreally low because they cannot get out of bed in the morning. I am going to the doc in a couple of hours. I had bloodwork done on iron and thyroid/ cholesteral diabetes and so on and she said she wants to see me. I hate that! she is new and really good so maybe I will finally have something done about the iron like shots or something. My old doctor never took it seriously! I think my thyroid is out. I used to be hyper then hypo then normal over about a two year period five years ago. it normalized after going gluten free in january of 2003. anyway if I get any answers on the anemia thing I will write back.
  5. This is what about a week later and I am feeling better. The wierd leg stuff is gone. Thank goodness!!! I tended to be lax at times and have a tiny bit of gluten knowingly like fake crab in sushi after I found out it was made with gluten or may be a rice crispie bar. Now that I know and had a reminder of where I used to be and how detrimental it is to my health both physical and mental I will never and i repeat NEVER touch the stuff again. For that I am glad it happened. I still cannot believe that i didn't know it had gluten( the probiotics I was taking) I am usually so diligent on knowing what i am putting into my mouth and body.
  6. This is what about a week later and I am feeling better. The wierd leg stuff is gone. Thank goodness!!! I tended to be lax at times and have a tiny bit of gluten knowingly like fake crab in sushi after I found out it was made with gluten or may be a rice crispie bar. Now that I know and had a reminder of where I used to be and how detrimental it is to my health both physical and mental I will never and i repeat NEVER touch the stuff again. For that I am glad it happened. I still cannot believe that i didn't know it had gluten( the probiotics I was taking) I am usually so diligent on knowing what i am putting into my mouth and body.
  7. maybe a silly question but what is the OMG board?
  8. I jsut read another post that explained it. I haven't had anything like that just the blisters on my eyelids. it is nice to hear people say they have experienced the same thing even if there is no answer just to know that you are not alone. that is why i need to know someone has experienced these muscle sypmtoms before I go into panic over them. Especially after being free of them for so long.
  9. what is spong... oops can't see the post anyway what is that? I got blisters on the inside of my eyelids which is the blepheritis. feels like sand in the eyes.
  10. [My psoriasis and excema were really bad before going gluten and dairy free and cleared completey after a couple of years. Is started putting dairy back in in small amounts like cream in coffee the occasional DQ icecream and that is about it and it came back. Take it out and a fews days later it is gone. So for sure it is Gluten but I have to eliminate 100% of the dairy as well and preservatives. quote name='Katydid' date='Jan 5 2007, 04:47 PM' post='253158'] I've always wondered if the Psoriais in celiacs is often just misdiagnosed DH that can accompany celiac disease. Don't they look and act a lot alike? My hubby was diagnosed with Psoriais many years before being diagnosed with Celiac (although he did have all the celiac symptoms) and nothing seemed to help. But strangely, after going gluten free, it diminished and eventually disappeared completely. He had it very bad on his knees, elbows, knuckles and bottom. With such improvement after being diagnosed with Celiac and going gluten free, we just always assumed it probably had been DH all along. Kay
  11. I originally had wierd pressure in behind my eyes that gave me blepheritis and this feeling of fullnes in my eyes and stuffed up nose. then I started getting these weird muscle sensations like bruises then my muscles would feel like someone had pinched me everywhere and left me with bruises all over. I got this on my left arm and both legs. this would come along with an intermittent itch that would hit all the affected areas. Then my muscles would start twitching like popcorn. Very uncomfortable. If I went for a walk my muscles woudl twitch like crazy until I cooled down and then still but much less. The bruising and pinching sensations in my legs bother me the most because it makes me constantly aware of my legs at all times and it hurts to rub up against or have anything put pressure on my legs. I went gluten free in january of 2003 with a blood tes that was one point away from being postive. 19 and 20 was positive. That was good enough from me because I was breaking out in psoriasis and excema and constantly felt like I had the flu my muscles ached so bad. Joints too. Anyhoo I am giving all this info because All these symptoms started coming back recently in reverse order. I found out a few days ago that I product I was taking in my shake 1/2 tsp had gluten in it. I have been taking it once a day religiously for a bout two months. i honestly am not sure if this is the culprit but I have taken it out and am still dealing with these symptoms. i am beginning to wonder if it is something else and I just need to know that somene out there has experienced these weird muscle symptoms. My muscles seem to be the most affected. i started to wonder is it was perimenopause or thyroid or I don't know. just looking for answers. anyone experience sore bruised pinched itchy twitchy weak muscles?
  12. I have been gluten free for four years now and over the past three months have been getting symptoms back again to the point where I feel like 'i am back at square one. I just looked up the ingredients on a probiotic I have been taking every morning for a couple of months now and for the first time I see it has oat and barley grasses in it. some people tell me it is gluten free and others say beware. I pray this is the answer. Just looking for some fedback. It will take a few days to see if this is it but I sure hope so. Any one else have problems with greens. The product is Garden of Life Primal Defense. Deb
  13. [ My Daughter used to always complain of leg pains in her shin bones but I am tryingto think if she has done that since going gluten free in September and I don't thinnk she has. she no longer feels nausetated all the time. she has no more problems breathing. i am beginning to think that the breathing was from bloating and not necessarily asthma or something like that. good skin. Lots of energy and happy. Oh yeah all three of my girls grew aobut half and inch in the first month!!!! It is amazing the havoc gluten can wreak on a body. Deb
  14. Itchy Skin

    This whole road of finding I was gluten intolerant started with a severe itch that I had in my legs for about ten days. I went crazy. i knew I couldn't scratch or i would have no skin left. The doctor said that i had dermographism. No one really knows the trigger but it is a general allergic like reaction in the form of itching. if i were to scratch my skin say a line with my fingernail there would become quite a raised pink line that would take 10 minutes or more to go away. that is how he knew i had it. I have found over the years that staying away from any foods that I am sensitive to especially sulphites. nitrates and preservatives helps alot. I can go months and months without an incident. Gluten doesn't seem to be the direct culprit because i have now been gluten free for three years. It is like an autoimmune reaction.
  15. this is what Phyllis sent me from Enterolabs when iasked the question about the importance of the numbers since my husbands numbers wern't that high. he wanted not to take it seriously. Now he is thank goodness. anyway here it is The low positive number on the anti-gliadin test does not indicate that he is "just a little bit sensitive." Our antibody tests are qualitative and not quantitative. This means that the number will either indicate a positive or negative result. It does not indicate severity. Someone with a 10 can have worse symptoms than someone with a 300. This just means that people produce antibodies at different rates and some have produced them for a longer period of time than others. There is no hard and fast rule of thumb as to when a person starts to get symptoms, whether it is at 10 or 50 or 300, but they all need to be on a gluten-free diet. I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you need more information. Most sincerely, Phyllis Zermeno, RN, BSN Clinical Manager, EnteroLab http://www.enterolab.com