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  1. Wow! Just joined tonight to try and find some answrs to what seems to be never ending health issues. I too have had extreme pain in one shoulder and down my arm. Grinding, loss of range of motion. This too could be from celiac disease?
  2. Thank you. Not sure about dairy. Im thinking i am not doing such a great job in managing this. I just avoid food. I was a 3000 a day eater and loved food and snacking. When i became sick last fall, my biopsy showed a raging case, yet i had no pain, and very few symptoms. It was quite strange, and docs were a little baffled as well. It seems this forum will be very helpful.
  3. I have tried everything. Ensure 3x day. Ufortunately, ppl think its great to be this thin, me im looking for curves. Go figure!
  4. Yes, i too had sensitivity, and major changes in my teeth as well shifting, etc. Seems to be improving now being gluten free. I also had chronic sinus issues that they have now related to the celiac disease.
  5. So happy to read this comment. I just replied to a weight loss comment mentioning medical anorexia as explained by my dr. Thank you.
  6. Yes, since my dx in November 2011 i still struggle with this. My dr called it a form of medical anorexia. I know, sounds strange, but in my case i was so malnurished and had no idea, that i had lost interest in good and it just got increasingly worse. Im still working this issue. Know that you're not alone
  7. I too have a million questions, and this post alone has been helpful. For me, the diagnosis post biopsy was just overwhelming, and seems like im not getting better. I think we have a lot of work ahead of us.
  8. Hi everyone, New to the board, fairly recent diagnosis (November 2011). I assume there are many people struggling with so many symptoms, so i was happy to find this forum. In my case the brain fog and weight loss is the most difficult to manage. Looking for suggestions from others with celiac disease. Thank you.