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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Dealing With Accidental Gluten Ingestion

    If you got larger amount, nothing probably will do much difference, but I use Gluten Defense digestive enzymes for tiny amounts hidden, when I eat out, and it seems to help. And any digestive herbs or enzymes.
  2. Silly Question

    And did you like them?
  3. Silly Question

    I have Rainbow Light probiotic, but although I liked their digestive enzymes, their probiotic makes me feel worse, not better. Maybe I should look for the other one? Which ones do you use, Lisa?
  4. Silly Question

    Thank you,so they are not all gluten free. I was eyeing these Source Naturals Daily Essential Enzymes http://www.vitacost.com/source-naturals-daily-essential-enzymes-500-mg-240-capsules-2 and they say gluten free, so I guess they should be fine.
  5. Just giving you a big hug and wishing you well.It does take a while to bounce back, especially after such a large amount. Even much smaller amount made me sick for a few days at a time, so what you are experiencing is very reasonable.
  6. Are all digestive enzymes gluten free? I mean, I would think they are, but you never know...
  7. Coping With Celiac With Dresses!

    Hmm, I guess dresses would be the answer for me, when I eat out, because I can never know, if I won't get gluttened. I tried maternity jeans with soft waist, but waist is too big(even with a safety pin), when my stomach is fine. But I am not such a big fan od dresses...
  8. Inflated Guts..

    I am wondering about that too - despite me loosing weight, hips very loose in pants, waist is not budging much, especially afternoons, and when I eat out, I want to wear maternity pants with soft waist, because I never know, if I won't get glutened, and my belly won't blow up like a baloon in matter of minutes...
  9. I just read a book Healthier Without Wheat, and it says, that celiac is just one form of gluten intolerance, and not necessarily the most serious since some other froms can be very damaging to the body as well.
  10. Are Enemas A Good Idea?

    I hoped to hear more from people who actually used them, not from people who read or heard about it. Anyway, they do work for me, and I always use them, when I fast.
  11. I wonder, if there are some chocolate bars, that use unrefined sugars, gluten and dairy free...
  12. Newbie Seeking Advice

    The more fresh simple foods you eat, the less expensive it will be. I do buy Tinkyada pasta and purple rice toast crackers. I buy them at iherb or vitacost, so it is a bit cheaper.
  13. Are Enemas A Good Idea?

    Well, of course, people have to know, what they are doing, and not to use hot water or so much water that their intestines break(duh!), I have been using them for quite a while and never had any ill effects from them. As far as medical studies go, science is a slut(with a very few exeptions)-they find things, that they are paid for. And there is very little money to be made from enemas, if any. I was looking for threads about enemas since I wanted to see, what others do, and search on this board doesn't give me them from most recent,
  14. Are Enemas A Good Idea?

    I think enemas are one of the best detoxifiers we have. While cleansing herbs are good to reach small intestine(as enema gets just to the large one), they are often very irritating to digestive system, and can't do, what enemas do- when the liver dumps toxins into the large blood vessel(sorry can't remember specific name for it) near the colon, enema water helps to carry them out of the system. That's why Gerson recommends to use coffee in enemas to stimulate the liver. So, when I fast or just happened not to be able to eat for longer than usual, I always do enemas to avoid migraines, and they do work. Gerson wrote, that when he put his cancer patients on his juice and unrefined food regimen, he made them take enemas every two hours at the beginning - day and night, because if he didn't -they might have slipped into coma from toxin overload in their blood as they are being dumped there during detoxification. Of course, that is for very sick people, once a day is probably enough for most.
  15. Gluten Free Miso

    Hmm, then what brands are safe? I got Miso Master one with koji made from rice and got glutened(I think, because I got almost right away a major migraine, although no usual bloating for some reason), and then I found in small letters - made in facility with barley What brands of miso are safe?