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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Jury Duty...

    The doctors note is certainly what I would like but I don't have a doctor at this time, no insurance, and no past history of working with a doctor on this. Thats kind of why I feel like I'm in a pickle. I genuinely wouldn't mind serving, I'm quite politically active and a rather civic fellow. I don't take trips or vacations or anything like that at the moment though and just don't see how this would fit in. If I just wanted to get out of jury duty I think I could come up with a way better than writing a letter telling people about my pooping habits.
  2. So a year or two years ago life was miserable and had been getting worse, I didn't know what was wrong with me. One day I read about celiac disease and decided to stop eating gluten on a whim and boom, instantly 85% better. The terrible cramps and sitting on the toilet wondering if the hospital could do anything to help days were over. I never bothered to go in for an official diagnosis of it because it seemed so obvious that it would be a waste. I still have a few episodes now and then but am over all pretty good. Sometimes I still get a little bit of acting up but its managable. I still don't like go out much or be too social. I think I was conditioned from the years of it being undiagnosed so that now I have some anxiety issues. Anyway the long of it is, some days I just need a lot of time in the bathroom. Its unpredictable and one day I might need to take a BM lets say 6 times. Now I've been called for jury duty and have no official diagnosis. Any suggestions on what I can do? I guess I can write a letter about me and pooping to go with my questionaire but that seems odd and unlikely to work without a doctors note. I'm thinking I'll just have to eat immodium like candy and hope for the best.
  3. Sonic Drive In

    I see tater tots on the list of ok stuff, can anyone confirm that? I can't find an ingedient list online for any of their foods and am used to things like tater tots having a wheat coating for crispyness.
  4. Hey thats also my public transit and driving in gridlock rule The odd thing is there are some routines I'm comfortable with, like my long commute to work. Other times I make myself sick with worry waiting for a haircut. I'm pretty calm about the whole thing, its just midly frustrating, and I think its holding back my career and social life. I'm undecided right now if this is something I should look for psychiatrist for or if I can handle it on my own just as well.
  5. So for years I was an undiagnosed celiac, essentially I'd have unpredictable diarrhea and eventually it got to the point where I'd have it very shortly after a meal. Needless to say this made me hesitant to go out much and fairly antisocial. I've been mostly gluten free for over a year now and aside from a few accidental glutenings I've done pretty good, but I notice I still sometimes get that sick feeling in certain social situations. When I was a kid I used to get nervous and get diarrhea when I had to go get my shots for school. I notice now that if a friend comes to visit me from out of town I'll get nervous and maybe some diarrhea again. If I go out with friends and we go out to eat I'll get even more nervous, presumably out of old habit, and then eventually be looking for the nearest bathroom an hour later. I really don't think the reason for that is physical but is more of an anxiety issue. At this point I'm not sure if this is something I should work on myself or just throw in the towel and go talk to a psychiatrist. I'm curious if any of you have experienced something like this and how you dealt with it. Thanks!
  6. Has anyone tried Busch's new gluten free beer called redbridge? I was a major beer nut before I went gluten freen and I've really been missing hops. I was pretty into good beers and it certainly doesn't compare to them, but its very drinkable for gluten free food and the beer deprived. Since I found this beer a few weeks ago I've had 18-24 bottles probably. Since then I've started to show some symptoms of gluten including a major outbreak of DH. I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same problem. It could very well be that I've eaten something else but this is the only new thing that I've really consumed in major quantity I think. I could easily see some contamination if the plant is the same and uses the same grain mill or something like that. Anyway, AB's redbridge, safe for you or a reaction?
  7. More About Mcdonald's

    Wow I'm completely shocked people would take their side on this. I'm in a furious rage right now. I've been working hard to change whats been a life crippling disease. I did my research and figured I was safe to eat their fries. Now I find their negligence in labeling their products might well be responsible for the problems I continue to have? I'm sorry but I don't feel priviledged to eat products made by such an uncaring food makers. I won't lie down and take it just in hopes they don't spite me in some fashion. This is nothing but negligence and I HATE class actions law suits because they only make lawyers rich, but this is a class I would join in a heart beat I believe. Ymmv and all that, but if someone died because they didn't list nuts I think people would be much more up in arms. I don't its unreasonable to expect truthful disclosure of the ingredients in your products.
  8. Thanks Lee for the message and everyone else! As an update I've been pretty much gluten free since I posted, and pretty much better. A few times I've slipped off the wagon and paid the price. I was having a bad day and ordered a pizza from my favorite local pizza shop (until this I'd get one every friday, my favorite thing). There was a violent revolution 24 hours later and the lesson learned. I have to try mixing up some various gluten-free AP flours. I miss baking breads and things. I bought some premade rice bread that had a packet of dessicant in it and an expiration date about 1 year in the future. It should be ashamed to call itself bread, sand would be moister. I've grown accustomed to eating rice cakes for snacks, and I've consumed more rice in the past few weeks than in my whole life. But on the whole I feel much better if I watch my diet. I had a small rash on my chest that has started to fade (despite a new one occuring on my upper leg). I now believe its dermatitis herpetiformis and hopefully it will clear up soon. To my understanding thats linked with celiac only and not gluten intolerance so at this point I don't see the need to get an official diagnosis. I really miss gluten products and I don't think its an easy change, but its worth it so far. For a beer snob, baker, and general foodie its quite a change hehe. Thanks for all your suggestions and advice!
  9. So from my reading it seems like celiac might start to show symptoms at any age, there is no one common age range where it appears. Do most people start with symptoms here and there of increasing severity over a couple years, or is it like a one week and your life is different thing for most?
  10. I think I will be trying it. Something that I realized too is this is the same time span I discovered good beer and have progessed to making beer myself. I never drank in large volume but a glass a day or so wasn't uncommon (needless to say I havent been doing that lately). If it can get worse with cumulative exposure perhaps that is what is responsibe for my problem going from an irregular annoyance, to nearly daily. I'll look into enterolab too, thanks.
  11. Hey, I have some questions and thought I’d see if anyone here thought my story sounded familiar. Some background information I’m 24 male Caucasian 6’3” and overweight at about 280 (why can’t I have the weightloss symptoms heh). About 4 years ago or so in college I started having trouble that some times after eating out with my girlfriend I’d wind up getting sick (racing to the nearest bathroom on the 10 minute drive home from the restaurant even) shortly there after. At the time I attributed it to eating greasy foods and maybe gallbladder problems starting (family history of it, and in HS I ate way too much fast food). It didn’t happen all the time, but now and then. I tried to avoid greasy food a little bit more. Not a big deal but it started to cause me to be a little less social. Now if we go back about a 1.5 years ago I was still having problems, but they started to get a little more frequent. I cut class for the day every couple weeks because I was feeling bad. Annoying for sure, definitely cut into my life, and I should have went to the doctor. What can I say, I figured it was something bad that would take a lot of invasive tests and I irrationally dismissed it and let it go and finished my degree. Now being done with school I thought I’d enjoy myself a little, indulge my passions hobbies for a while, and work part time (read: no insurance). While I was off I was going to work on losing weight and cleaning up my diet more and wishfully hoping that would take care of it. That was last may. Now I’m not sure I could hold down a full time job with my problem. Just a month ago I decided to take a little trip to a town about an hour away for some shopping. I was half way there when all of a sudden I started getting stomach cramps and gas and the like. I stopped at 3 gas stations in the next 15 minutes and had (and I’m sure this is more than most of you want to know) terrible diarrhea. Feeling so bad I was thinking about driving to a hospital…if walking were an option at the time at least. Its pretty rare for it to be that bad though. Usually I feel a little gassy, with some stomach cramps, and that feeling that there could be a BM any time. Sometimes they’re normal, sometimes a little fatty seeming, and sometimes all out diarrhea of what seems like impossible volume. Sometimes they’re just 3-4 small regular BM’s through the day and cramping all day. Headaches now and then, not all that often but more often that I'd think is usual. I also have a small (2" square) rash on my chest thats been there for about a year. Its itchy and I can't moisturize it away. I'm wondering if its Dermatitis herpetiformis. It doesn't seem pus filled or near as nasty as some of the pictures I've seen but it does seem to match celiac. At first I thought gallbladder, but I don’t have any of the pain outside my stomach so I question that. I thought IBS-d so I tried more fiber, and fiber supplements, and then calcium supplements. No change. I tried going to a very low fat diet, nothing, small meals, nothing, ranitidine thinking maybe something ulcer like (despite not having bloody stools), nothing, and even dairy avoidance. All failed. I’m about to have to go to the doctor despite my fears of not having insurance at this time. It’s just become too crippling to my life. Car trips anywhere worry me to no end, social outings are unheard of, work is even too much some days, the gym is right out. On days I go in to work I generally have a bowl of pinhead oats around lunch (1/4 cup uncooked). Some small snack mid day like an apple, a 6” subway sub for dinner. If I’m not working that it’s the same except for dinner I’ll usually have a grilled chicken breast, corn, fresh tomatoes, a small baked potato or green beans or something like that. No one food seems to be the trigger, which me wonder about gluten since it seems like in so many places. After lunch I’ll often get some mild cramping in the afternoon, and then it alternates, mild cramps one night, pretty bad and diarrhea the next night. I’m wondering if it is worth it to try a celiac type diet for a while, or if I’m just grasping at straws with my symptoms hoping I’ve found the answer and should just face the doctor and bills. And if you read all that, thank you cliff notes: *sometimes gas, always cramping, sometimes diarrhea, sometimes fatty stool *no pain like gallbladder *fiber and calcium don't help