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  1. I really don't go out to alot of places. If I do it maybe a steak place and all I order is veggies. Olive Garden has a yummy gluten-free dish and I have gone to PF Changs. Houlihans has a gluten-free menue, but I am really careful there. I have seen the cooks. LOL... I mainly eat at home. I google A LOT about different brands. Even after 7 years with this I still miss bread. I was a huge bread person. I have not forgotten how yummy it was and probably never will in my life time.
  2. Hi. I find it hard to be that person who has to ask.....Do you have a gluten free menu... I just wish there was someone in my area that could relate and give me some advise on how to handle this. I have had celiac for 7 years and I tell ya what, it doesn't get easier unless I eat at home or keep going to the same old places over and over!!!!! It gets VERY BORING!!!!