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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. thanks for all your suggestions,just goes to show that washed and dry hands are not always safe will certainly double check absolutely everything.Will ask at my next Dr's appointment if i could be lactose intolerant to see if they run any tests,i could still be suffering as i have heard that it could take up to two years for the gut to heal.The celiac disease could have been doing damage to my gut for a number of years so shouldnt expect too much too soon,anyway thanks again its reassuring to kniow i can ask you guys for info and a chat.
  2. i am confident that everything ieat is gluten-free,dont wear lipstick daily and as for the other items i thought you had to ingest gluten for it to affect you,i am going to ask at the next appointment about other intolerances. will ask about the gallbladder, but dont really suffer pain, just discomfort and aches. having said all this i know it sounds awful but it doesnt stop me living a normal life as i am not unwell enough to be house bound, so still think myself lucky as i know coeliac disease is not the worst thing i could suffer from. a typical days menu could consist of fruit,veg, jacket potatos,tuna,salad,gluten-free WF pasta, bread and any meal cooked from scratch,oh and i love cooked cheese,as you can see i havent lost my appetite. thanks for the interest, its most appreciated.
  3. i was DX last October so have been gluten-free WF approx 10 months,in May i was also DX with IBS,my symptoms are burning sensation (behind naval)stomach ache,lower back ache,bloating,nausea and a heavy (pressure sensation)in the pelvic area.I dont have all these symptoms together but at least one of them every day,getting worse as the day goes on,have forgotten what its like to have a normal tummy that you dont notice is there. the biggest improvement since going gluten-free is the return of my energy so at least something is going right,i am pretty sure that i am not being glutened so find it frustrating not to see a vast improvement like some people,hence wanting to make the most of my hospital visit.
  4. I have got a Hospital appointment coming up to assess how well i am doing on the gluten-free diet,i still have ongoing symptoms to a lesser degree,was wondering what key questions i should ask to get the most from the appointment,i.e more blood tests or endoscopy's to be done in the future,any help would be great,thanks.
  5. can anyone help? myself and family are taking our holiday over in Orlando next spring,we have been three times in the past but this is my first trip since dx with celiac disease,obviously we will be eating out for most of the holiday.Any advice on eating out would be most welcome.