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  1. I had the marker for possible celiac and three years ago - quit all gluten. I had such bad leaky gut that I'd been losing about a pound and a half a year over the last 27 years which nobody could explain. Since being gluten free I've regained some of my normal weight. But also in that time I've become really dairy intolerant; especially to any boiled dairy, as in cappuccino or homemade buttermilk which give me insane bouts of gas, so no dairy. I have been doing well until about two months ago. I've noted that when I eat sushi with (gluten free) soy sauce - I always wake up with a headache the next morning. And I work in Chinatown - so at least once a week I send out for tofu and broccoli. Bring gluten free really cleared up my old constipation problems for a few years but over the last two months my constipation has come back in a big way, so I am experimenting with cutting out soy from my diet too; especially after reading the following: Naturally occurring components found in soybeans, such as saponins, soyatoxin, phytates, protease inhibitors, oxalates and goitrogens, are called “antinutrients” because they basically block absorption of minerals and inhibit enzyme production needed for digestion. That’s one reason why they can cause stomach pain and bloating in some people. Goitrogens, in particular, interfere with iodine metabolism and, as a result, inhibit thyroid function. Nutrionist Mary Vance. This was for me, dotting the line on eliminating soy as I have suffered over the years with some terrible bouts of fatigue and doctors were always doing all the fancy thyroid tests - which were negative, but always left me wondering. I'd love any feedback on this from you all. Cheers, Keshav
  2. Thanks.... having had chronic fatigue for years - I've had the thyroid checked - including the really extra sensitive fancy test.
  3. Thought I was done with this nonsense. I don't eat much dairy and try to limit my use of stuff like Rudi's gluten free products. I eat brown rice pasta once a week. So... I know others must have experienced this. Any and all suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks, Keshav
  4. http://www.celiaccentral.org/research-news/alba-therapeutics-announces-positive-results-phase-iib-trial-celiac-disease-12386/
  5. Having lived in India I'm always jonesing for Indian food but too lazy to cook it. But uttapam are really easy to make and very satisfying. You can experiment with adding all kinds of different vegetables. I like the tradtional ones. Once you make a quart of batter it keeps for a long time in the fridge. Great with a strong cup of coffee (if you go for that kind of thing). Peace, Keshav http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/saras-secrets/flat-rice-bread-from-southern-india-uttapam-recipe/index.html
  6. Haven't had them for a while - but recently got glutened while traveling. Someone turned me onto peppermint oil in enteric coated capsules. People were always suggesting pepermint tea - but it never really helped at all. But the oil in enteric-coated capsules really helps a lot.
  7. I wrote to Lawrence J. Brandt, MD, Professor of Medicine and Surgery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and asked if anyone was doing trials for FMT as a treatment for Celiac and he said: At present, this is an area of interest but no one has submitted an IND to the FDA to get permission to do it. I know of no one doing this at present, but the time will come, perhaps in a year or more. If anyone here hears of any trials please do post info here. I have heard wonderful things about this treatment IBS and numerous other illnesses that are related to intestinal flora.
  8. Need Celiac Specialist In Nyc

    I went to see Eng yesterday and while he seems knowledgable - I felt rushed and if I wanted any info about treating my condition, I had to drag it out of him. He wasn't exactly volunteering to offer ways to cope with Celliac. I had the sense of being in a "mill" - get 'em in and get 'em out. He's no longer on 5th Ave. He's at 115 E. 23rd Street. But you can get an appt quickly if you need one.
  9. One of my doctors confirmed that I have iron deficiency but gave very little in the way of constructive advice. Instinct tells me with a damaged gut - diet alone won't be sufficient to fix the problem. There are iron supplements around that are gentle and don't constipate but I keep hearing warnings about iron supplements being a big no no for males. I am currently taking Floradix, a German formulated supplement that my acupuncturist takes herself for Iron deficiency and my energy does seem better and heart palpitations are pretty much non-existent after about a week of taking this stuff. I also found out it come in a totally gluten free version called Floravital - which I will have to look for. Interestingly - I found out that the blood pressure med Lotensin (Benazapril) which I've taken for twenty years is known to cause iron deficiency as well. Fortunately through diet and excercise I've been able to reduce my need for the med to only a quarter of a pill - which was a very low dose to begin with. Anyhoo.. I'm interested in feedback from men who have found safe, effective treatments for iron deficiency.
  10. Months ago I did a blood panel because of fatigue. Tests came back with high numbers for gliaden. My idiot family doctor just said, "You've got celiac". Naturally I stopped eating gluten and got really sick. Meantime - was also seeing a chronic fatigue Dr. who pointed out my iron deficency. This guy is supposed to be one of the world's foremost authorities on Chronic Fatigues and all he could offer was "eat a lot of spinach". Another short-sighted idiot. Read about Doctor Eng on this forum. Made an appointment and when I got there it turned out the the Eng who was recommended - was his younger brother - who'd moved his practice elsewheres and I kind of got bullied into staying - as he was saying he was the elder brother with more medical experience and that he knew everything about Sprue. He told me the gliaden readings were not solid evidence of Celiac and that I should have a colonoscopy. I did and and only afterwards did he tell me that this was not to test for Celiac - but rather to confirm that I did not have colon cancer. I was furious, as I had no indications for cancer at all. Photos from the colonoscopy revealed very healthy looking villi. He then did blood tests for genetic markers - giving me the impression that this would confirm one way or the other what my status was. Then this jerk tells me - the blood tests were not conclusive either and that he wants me back for an endoscopy / biopsy, which I figure - is what this guy should have done in the first place. So many of these guys are just crooks who want you to have useless expensive tests at labs that are run by their family or worse owned by themselves. It's so infuriating. Moreover - doing the biopsy will entail eating gluten for at least a week before the test. I have had so many good results from being gluten free - that at this point I'm wondering if it's worth the bother to do the biopsy. Does it really matter in the long run if I have Sprue, am gluten intolerant or have wheat allergy? If wheat is making me ill - what difference does it make? I do not intend to go back to my old diet anyhow.
  11. When I went gluten free I experienced nausea, panic attacks and suicidal depression. I lost track of how long this went on. Eventually - I went to a psychopharmacologist and got on Zoloft and Valium. The Zoloft really got rid of the depression but had some side-effects including constipation and daily headaches. The doctor decided I should get off the Zoloft and that we would try an alternative after a week. But a week after being off the Zoloft - I found I did not miss it and that my seratonin production was normal again and the depression was gone. I still have to ween off the Valium (which won't be fun) but I'm doing okay emotionally after a rough couple of months. I think the longer one has been poisoning one's self with gluten - the more severe the "withdrawal". Hang in there. I have recently met a friend here locally who went through the same thing. So it's not unusual -and there's no reason to think you won't get better.
  12. I started getting floaters maybe 9 months ago. I've been glutin free for about 3 months now and they are pretty much non-existent. Cannot say for sure the two are connected. Often the brain compensates and learns to ignore them and they seem to go away on their own. Also since being gluten-free - I don't have the constant scaley dry skin all the time in the corner of my eyes which I use to have to treat with Neosporin. If I stare into the the air long enough and think about them they start re-appear a bit - but not like the early days when I thought they would drive me mad. Hang in there.
  13. Reaction = Breathing/anxiety Issues

    I experienced this a lot when I first went gluten free. I've seen some scholarly articles about how in essence gluten molecules attach themselves to endorphins and lessen their effect on mood. It's kind of like kicking dope for a while. I had terrible depression as well. It takes time but it does get better the longer you stay off gluten. I'm not completely free of it after more than two months but I get more and more "normal" days; also more and more days with good energy. Hang in there. Someone here suggested Iron and I did find by doing a smoothie in the morning with a couple of fistfuls of frozen spinach in the mix really helped to stabilize my mood. Turns out many folks with celiac have bad iron deficiency. None of this gets better overnight - takes a bit of time and patience.
  14. Exhausted All Of The Time!

    Yes... in the beginning it made "movements" more free. But then it did exactly the opposite. I suppose it's like the way that different foods are okay for different folks dealing with Celiac. I believe it has to do with the fact that anything that artificially takes water from your digestive system to move undigested food also tends to create a lot of gas and the gas ends up trapping everything in little pockets throughout your digestive tract. I only know that since getting off gluten no constipation. I found while still undiagnosed - that many things made me constipated. Chlorella was one and acupuncture accompanied by electro stimulation would give me a month of cramps. Now... no cramps.
  15. Exhausted All Of The Time!

    Don't be so sure about that. Remember - one of the number one issues with celiac disease is malabsorbtion. So not everything you eat will benefit you the way it does with folks with normal digestion. That is why so many folks here take B12 under the tongue rather than swallowing it. B12 pills never helped me. I went my doctor and had him teach me to do a simple intramuscular injection (really painless) and found that this is the most effective way to get B12 into the system. I'm a big baby when it comes to needles and this is really not scary. Same with Magnesium. When I took magnesium it was to stop heart palpitations but (previous to celiac dx) the magnesium would make me constipated for 4-5 weeks; a total nightmare. Now I do it by injection and it does the job with no side effects. One thing I have been doing that helps quite a bit with Iron - because I do not want to do supplements just yet - is that I make a breakfast smoothie with hemp powder for protein, a bannana for taste, some juice and a big fistful of frozen chopped spinach. Seems to really help with morning dreariness and gives a bit of energy boost by late morning.