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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Can Dh Be Mistaken For Hives?

    I had DH for a couple of years before I was disagnosed with celiac and I've also had hives from food allergies. The main difference I found is that Benedryl brought the hives under control within about 20 minutes of taking the pills. Also, I found that when I got hives, I could feel them start in one part of my body and then travel to other parts of my body over a short period of time. The DH symptoms improved when I took Benedryl, but they never completely went away. DH symptoms were always there, sometimes more severe than others. The DH rashes I had were generally symetrical - both shoulders, both elbows, both knees, etc. My dermatologist thought I had psoriasis and never did biopsies either. My GI doctor finally confirmed celiac after doing an endoscopy. The DH symptoms finally disappeared a couple of months after going gluten-free. I hope you get a definitive answer when you get your endoscopy results.
  2. 1 - bread 2 - bread 3 - bread The first thing I'm going to do when someone comes up with a pill for celiac disease is to buy a loaf of hard-crusted Italian bread and a tub of butter!
  3. After I was diagnosed, I realized the grill was a problem. First, I heated the grill up and scrapped the grids with a wire brush. After it cooled, I cleaned the grids again using a wire wheel on my electric drill, then I used brillo. Probably overkill, but I haven't gotten sick since then. Just keep anything with gluten, especially marinades and bread, off the grill.
  4. My brother is having symptoms that suggest celiac disease. Any recommendations for gastroenterologists in the Utica, NY area?
  5. I've been eating NuGo Free bars. They are gluten-free, soy-free and are higher protein than most. Plus they taste pretty good!
  6. I haven't seen much written regarding whether edible films used in food and medicines are gluten-free. I've only done a little research on the subject and found that in addition to medicines, edible films are used for coatings on foods, like the glaze on hams. The films can be made from a number of substances, including wheat. The problem is that these ingredients aren't always disclosed on the product. Recently, I bought Listerine Breath Strips. Before using them, I emailed the company and received the following response. It was obvious that edible film was used in this product, but I'd like to know if anyone else has information about products where the use of edible film is not that obvious. Thank you for contacting McNeil-PPC, Inc., makers of LISTERINE POCKETPAKS
  7. Next time you're there, ask them for Gilbert's Goodies cookies. They make 2 kinds of cookies (chocolate chip and cinnamon, I think). They are both very good. I understand Stew's is trying out a few gluen free products to see how they sell, so it wouldn't hurt to send them an email to let them know you're interested.
  8. Barley malt is not listed as an ingredient. The box previously was labeled gluten-free. The new boxes are not. I understand the cross contamination issue, however, I've gotten very sick on several products that contained no gluten, but were produced in a factory that processed wheat products. As a result, I try to stay away from those products whenever possible. Joe
  9. I just started using Nestle's hot chocolate mix last month after seeing on this site that it is gluten free. Unfortunately, I just bought a new box and it no longer says that it's gluten free. It now says it is made in a factory that processes wheat. Be careful! Check the box before using.
  10. Lydia - I have no medical background, but the symptoms you describe do not sound like celiac symptons. If anything, it sounds like your son is having trouble absorbing oxygen, which may indicate that there is a pulmonary problem. You may want to contact another physician to get another opinion. Good luck.
  11. We've been going to Ocean City for a lot of years. Try the Island Grill. I think it's on 1st and Atlantic, a little north of the boardwalk. It's a small, privately run restaurant. The staff is really helpful and I've never had a problem getting a good gluten free meal there. Another plus - they take reservations. There really is nothing safe on the boardwalk, except for Kohr. Bros. frozen custard.
  12. Grilling

    I'm one of those guys who always opts for "more power." I was concerned about the stuff (barbeque sauce, marinade, etc.) that was burned into the surface and wouldn't come off with just plain washing, so I cleaned the cast iron grates first with a wire wheel attachment on my electric drill. Then I cleaned it again with brillo and finally with dish soap. For the last step, I turned the grill on high and burned off anything that may have survived. It may have been overkill, but I never got sick again after using the grill. Good luck.
  13. Need A New Doctor In Ct

    I've used the same gastroenterlogist in the Bridgeport area for the last 15 years. If you contact me directly, I can give you his name and number.
  14. Dh - Blood Showing Under Skin

    First, if you have a doctor who doesn't listen to you or help solve your problem, change doctors. Second, find a good gastroenterologist who can test you for celiac and DH. Third, you can not be 99% gluten free. You have to remove all gluten from your diet, otherwise you are wasting your time. I had DH when I was first diagnosed with celiac disease and I also had a number of small red spots that look like flat blood blisters that are the size of a pin. I still have some and I have been gluten free for more than 3 years. My dermatologist tells me this is an age issue and is not connected to DH or celiac.
  15. I've been gluten-free for 3 years and am very careful about what I eat. For the first time in about 1 1/2 years, I got glutened twice in the last 2 weeks and the reaction was horrible. Within about 20 minutes both times, I had uncontrollable "D". I've never had that happen before and I don't want to have it happen again. The last time was yesterday morning and I feel pretty miserable today. My GI told me to expect bad reactions the longer I am gluten-free.