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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gluten Neuropathy

    Hi, Twitchy! My name is Cheri; and I, too, have many neurological issues when I eat gluten. I have a B.A. in Criminal Justice, I used to to be a court clerk for 7 years. I worked in a very-high paced environment dealing with hundreds of people a day. Now, I can't even imagine working an 8 hour shift. Most of my life, I've had series of illnesses, I had skin problems, kidney stones, stomach pain for 3 years straight, chronic inflammations in different areas of the body, and so on, and so on. I believe I had neurological issues all my life, but it was masked by allergies, flues, chronic infections. Anyways, I did struggle through work (self medicating), I had no idea what was causing all my problems. I became labeled a hyphochondriac and a drug seeker, right before my neurological issues really kicked in. I had to quit work because I was becoming paralyzed at work, and my vision became erractic. Something happened to me, I had a reaction to medication (not containing gluten). My right hand was twitching radically, I couldn't talk,started studdering, I felt like (the best explanation) I was in deliurum for 3 days, my face was gray and swollen, and I saw at least 6 doctors, and they all told me to see a psychologist. My condition worsen, I woke up paralyzed, had seizures, I was told I had a complex seizure. I had problems talking, walking, depth perception, I basically, looked like I had cerebral palsy, and the medical field turned their back on me. My neurologist, didn't even look at my results of my MRI. I got the results, I had a VMA (venous malformation anomally) on the right parietal lobe. Exactly where it was numb, I basically felt like my neurotransmitters weren't connecting. It said I could of been born with it and it shouldn't cause me problems, then kicked me out the door. I agree with that, but my research and experience is if something affects it , then it causes problems, because I did have seizures when I was a baby. Long story, short, moved to another state after being bed-ridden 2 years, found out it was celiacs. Being gluten-free, has helped me tremendously. When I do get glutened, the right side of my mouth gets numb, my vision goes crazy, anxiety, I'm flushed, hard time talking (ataxia), I start limping, which I think is strange. It's sooo hard to believe that, I went through all of that and it was gluten. So when I do get glutened, I can believe it. I still have issues,I have connective tissue issues, that is disabling now, I rarely have bowel movements, which might be neurological, and my vision will get blurry often. My medical insurance kicks in December, I'm praying for a caring doctor. I'm grateful, that I don't have to take a bunch of medication, I'd be wary of experimenting with them, truly believe gluten-free is probably the only thing that helps, and maybe it was the amount of gluten you were exposed to made your symptoms worse, be extremely careful messing with the brain. I'm comforted knowing that someone else, has the same problem as I do, because, I feel little understanding from people on really how bad it is and how scared I get. But, I'm sorry, you have to go through it. I always tell people, I'm not crazy, it's neurological. Take care.
  2. That's been a big question of mine, too. The research of heard by doctors have been conflicted as far as I can tell. I did just find the website "The Celiac Diva", she seems very informative on things like gluten-free sun tan lotion, nail polish, bodywash, etc, the products that aren't so black and white. Hope it helps.
  3. Thanks for the article. It kinda makes me cringe because before I ever heard about gluten, I believed I was allergic to salicylate acids. Since, I found out about celiac's disease, I put those allergies on the back burner and try to reevaluate everything I've been told like; I was allergic to the cold and pollen. I'm extremely heat sensitive, and I'm allergic to grass not pollen. Since, I've been gluten-free, it has helped me considerably. But I find myself still allergic to some things like fragrance, Mountain Dew, and brown rice. I'm not particular fond of fruits and vegetables, so I stay away from them, but I used to get reactions when I ate them. I did 3 years earlier, had a horrible reaction to some medications, and it turns out everything I took, was gluten-free. I'm noticing, some eczema spots again and explainable ( but unexplainable stomache pain). After, reading that article, it pains me to say, I need to reevaluate my diet again.
  4. Gluten-Caused Cramps

    From 2004 to 2007, I had a sharp, colicky pain on the right upper abdomen, right under the rib cage. I was tested for everything kidneys, liver, gallbladder, even had a investigative surgery where they took out my appendix, had a twisted colon, and basically my organs were out of place; but that didn't stop the pain. My stomache was visually, extremely bloated, varied c and d, and it didn't affect my appetite, which I thought was strange. Well, after 3 extremely painful years, I finally quit taking my vitamins (my doctor assured me that wouldn't cause such a pain), the pain stopped. It moved to my kidneys and so on, but that's another story. Three years later, my doctor informed me of Celiac's disease, so I believe, it's safe to assume it was the gluten in the vitamins that caused my pain. Every now and then, that area will hurt, like it was damaged. I'm guessing, if I wasn't a Celiac, it wouldn't of hurt. When, I eat gluten, I get extremely bad cramps, like you get when you have d. My son (celiac) and my husband (sensitive) both get d. I just wanted to share my story, just in case anybody else finds themselves with a phantom pain.
  5. When I was on the Depo-Provera shot, I didn't know I had Celiac's disease. I haven't had bone density issues; but once I was on the shot, it really seem like a turning point in my health. Normally, I was very thin, even underweight, but once on it, I gained weight and was unable to loose it (I was just coming off a pregnancy, my first pregnancy no problems loosing weight) I started showing unknowingly the more distinctive symptoms of Celiacs like long-term ear-infections, infections, chronic swollen tongue, bottom of my feet hurt, just non-stop continual sickness until I went gluten-free. I was never warned or informed about the Depro-vera shot, I was kinda pressured by the doctors so I wouldn't get pregnant again. All I know, is it definitely changed my body chemistry, and not for the good. I don't if it's just because I have Celiac's or if a normal person goes through it, too. I was only injected twice so 6 months total, you should be able to tell relatively quick if it's effecting you badly. Good luck.
  6. My family and I have been on the gluten-free diet for just over a year, now. My husband, basically, started the diet to support my son and I, in which, gluten has a drastic affect to us. My husband has had intestinal issues and the gluten-free diet has helped him considerably. Except now, whenever he eats gluten, he gets really sick as if he has celiacs disease. I'm concerned that going gluten-free can increase sensitivity. I suggest this diet for people to try if they have many health problems. Doctors say you should try it 2-3 weeks and see if it makes you feel better, if it helps continue it. I'm concerned with my 19 yr old daughter and knowing her pasts symptoms, that she should be on the diet. She says that she is afraid if she starts it, it will make her sensitive, like her step-dad. I don't have an argument for that,(we don't have health insurance because of another lengthy issue), so I'm interested in other people's experiences with it. Thanks.