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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am very new to gluten-free and I am finding it keeps getting more difficult rather than easier. I have be diagnosed with celiac disease for less than 3 months now. It was easier when I was at home at the beginning, but moved back to college and things are tough. So to start I go to UW - Madison. I am a beer loving Badger and now I have stopped drinking all together ( I have a slew of stomach issues associated with (but not caused by) celiac disease). I never realized how many of my relationships here were built around going out to eat or drinking. I am trying to be really clean so I pretty much have cut these two things out of my life. The second thing is advise about how to eat at college. I share a small kitchen with 6 other girls. None of whom are gluten-free. I have my own pots/pans/plate but I am always worried about CC (so worried i often wash my own stuff both before and after). Any tips on staying gluten-free in a shared kitchen. Then comes the real problem. I'm a broke college kid. gluten-free isn't cheap. At all. How do you deal this. What are your suggestions on eating. Then there is being on the go. I am busy and I usually don't have time to stop and eat nutritiously. I have for the past month been subsiding on gluten-free meal bars, Trail mix, nuts and fruits for lunch. I can't really afford to buy lunch at a cafe and i don't have time to stop home to make something. What is something I can throw in my back pack and pull out when I have 15 minutes to eat. Finally I want to talk about symptoms I have and see if others are having these too. I seem to be constantly thirsty. Then I always seem to be starving. I don't know if this is because I am not eating "regular" meals especially at lunch. An couple of odd symptoms I have been having is some uncoordinated and other times random racing of my heart. I have read this might be due to electrolyte imbalances. Other symptoms I have seem to be related to exposure to gluten (nausea, the big D, head foggy-ness). It always seems that I get glutened at the worst time possible. This life style change has been really hard for me. A lot of people talk about how wonderful it is to cut gluten out. But that hasn't been the case. Its seems like a constant uphill battle to me. Which is why I am reaching out for some help.