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  1. Thanks for all the helpful replies all. This forum has been a real lifeline over the last 8 months or so, I really couldn't have done without it! I'm seriously considering going for a gene test, i'm beginning to think it's my only option as I really can't bear eating gluten for any length of time.....
  2. I had an appointment with a gastroenterologist yesterday in the hope of getting closer to a diagnosis (I came off gluten last july and am unwilling to touch the stuff for the sake of a blood test). I am due to have an endoscopy and a biopsy but as it's the NHS it could take a wee while. The consultant I saw was of the opinion that I wasn't celiac (but had sensitivity to gluten) as I didn't have the 'classic' symptoms (but it has messed up my adrenal hormones pretty badly, thankfully well on the mend though). I was wondering if there is anyone else without the 'classic' symptoms that has since been diagnosed Also, is a biopsy likely to show any damage after being gluten free for so long, and lastly... What is the difference between celiac disease and gluten sensitivity? This really confuses me as everything I read gives a different opinion! I really appreciate any answers to the above
  3. Thanx all, there is a small chance it could be positive (if it's celiac of course, though i know it's definitely gluten) as i know i've had some cross-contamination and a serious glutening in october. Last night in my internet meanderings I went to the Coeliac uk website and they have a group local to me who meet at the hospital and they specifically encourage people who are struggling to obtain a diagnosis to go along (they meet with gastroenterologists as well) so i'm going to contact them. I'm feeling so much better since cutting out gluten but i know my body still has a way to go, though I can drink milk again now I honestly don't know where I would have been if it hadn't been for all the folks on here, i've found out so much and read so many experiences similar to mine. It's been the most amazing help and I'm so grateful.
  4. I've just come back from my GP who has ordered a blood test for coeliac on friday morning. The problem is i've been gluten free since july, I said to her that I need to be eating gluten for me to have any anti-bodies and she said that they will still show up. What do I do? i'm pretty sure that it will come back negative. Should i start eating regular bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner? (kind of joking here really). The last time I had any gluten I was quite ill and had stomach probs lasting for weeks..... Any advice anyone?
  5. Hello From Lady Uk

    Hi Samantha, i'm new here too and from the uk also. I have to say, although i've only posted a couple of times, it's been the most helpful and informative place i've found on the internet regarding coeliac/intolerance. There seem to be so many symptoms and they vary greatly from person to person. I've found out so much on here that isn't mentioned anywhere else! I hope you find it as positive as I do .
  6. 3 months is a long time and i'm worried about 2 weeks! thanks for the reply . I guess this is the problem with self-diagnosis, It never occurred to me at the time though. I was just having so many problems that i was desperate to try and get better pretty pronto!
  7. I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced low stomach acid after being glutened. I've been gluten free since july and everything was going great, my health started to improve dramatically (I also discovered lactose intolerance after a couple of weeks gluten-free). Then a couple of weeks ago I was at a party and sadly, the chocolate cake was just toooo tempting and I did consume quite a few small pieces. In the early hours of the morning, i developed the worst migraine i've ever had, experienced cold sweats and nearly passed out. I could hardly get out of bed but the next day I started to feel better. The problem is, since then, I have had low stomach acid and i'm now taking betaine hcl which has been an amazing help (i had problems with low stomach acid occasionally before i went gluten-free). Also, i'm self diagnosed which has started me thinking that maybe gluten wasn't the problem after all (though when I look at the whole picture I realise that it HAS to be gluten) anyone out there who has had similar experience? I'm almost tempted to eat a slice of bread just to check (
  8. Hi, Thanx for the response. It's really reassuring to hear from someone with similar issues to mine who is well on the mend. I've also started taking vitamin d this week (didn't get a test for it but strongly suspect i was deficient), it's too early to say for sure but i think it's also helping. The sad thing is, i've actually had to find most of these things out for myself as my doctor just didn't make the connection, he pretty much dismissed all the other symptoms i had. Still, at least i know now :0)
  9. Thanx for the reply :0) I did do a lot of research on the maca powder before i started taking it, but i have only been on it for about 5 days, and I had the tachycardia attack in june. My resting heart rate has actually improved since i went gluten free (almost back down to what it was before all my problems started). I wasn't taking anything at all in fact when it happened, i had just inadvertently been gluten free for about a week and a half. I'm hoping that they will find nothing wrong with my heart and that I will be referred to an endocrinologist. I guess i'm trying to find out which came first, the adrenal probs causing the gluten intolerance or vice versa... Whichever, the good thing is i'm on the mend and i've persuaded my mum (who still eats gluten and has had many gluten related probs for years) to go to her doctor for a blood test, if they come back as celiac, then i suppose i can probably assume i am also....
  10. Hi all, I'm new here and i'm hoping someone can answer my question. I recently went gluten free (3 weeks or so now) and my health has improved big time. i'm wondering though, is it possible to know without diagnosis, wether it's Celiac disease or just gluten intolerance. I know that now i've been gluten free, a blood test would be rather pointless. I went to my doctor last week and he also agreed (because of my digestive symptoms) that it is a problem with gluten, and that to have a test i would need to continue eating gluten, but as I am so much better without it he was happy to leave it at that. The thing is, over the last 2 years or so, I have had a whole host of very unpleasant problems which all seem to point to problems with my adrenal glands or 'adrenal fatigue' as i have seen it termed (Possibly thyroid, though recent test said all was normal). In june, because of these probs I decided I would try the paleo diet (didn't make a gluten connection at the time) My digestive problems immediately improved, but after about a week, I was taken into hospital with quite severe tachycardia (my pulse was right up to 165 just walking round the supermarket) which is when they did a full blood work (anaemia, thyroid, liver function among other things) and the only thing that came back abnormal was a slightly elevated white blood cell count. It was because of this episode that i ended up seeing the doc last week. unfortunately, the doc only seemed interested in me wearing a 24 hour heart monitor so he could rule out a heart problem (i have no family history of heart issues and no other symptoms to suggest it either). I reeled off a whole long list of all my health problems over the last couple of years which are, persistant yeast infections (which were worse the day after a good workout) severe fatigue (the afternoon after a good morning workout) numbness in my fingers (only during the night, but seems to have now disappeared) yellow skin, blood sugar probs (thirsty after eating a relatively small amount of sugar (though this symptom disappeared a while ago when I went paleo), mild puffiness at the top of my cheeks (improved a ton since gluten free). incidentally, i gained 14 pounds in 1 week at christmas 2010, i ate a fair bit over, but not THAT much!!!! Some of these symptoms have either improved or gone since i completely cut out gluten, some have not. unfortunately, my doctor the other day, hardly seemed to listen to a word i said even though I told him I thought it was my adrenal hormones. I do feel that my adrenal pobs are slowly getting better but i'm wondering if the difference in celiac disease and gluten sensitivity would be the difference in there being permanent or temporary damage to my adrenal glands? incidentally, i've been taking maca root powder the last 5 days, i'm unsure wether this has helped or if it's my body healing from the gluten... any help would be greatly appreciated but i really don't want to eat gluten again just so i can have a blood test, i'm feeling so much better without it... Thanks :0)