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  1. Hello! Bear with me...I posted a topic under Diagnosis, but since I have to wait for it to be approved, I couldn't find it! Thanks so much for any advise...hopefully i can find this post too
  2. Hello all! I am new to this site and have an endoscopy and biopsy scheduled in two weeks. Unfortunately, my doctor did not explain my blood results to me and I don't have another appointment with him to go over it. He simply said some results were positive and the biopsy is the next step. (He is a Celiac Specialist so although I'm upset he didn't explain more, I'm hoping he is still a capable doctor). I have a biology degree and an understanding of the basics..but if anyone can give me some insight, I would be grateful. Especially the TTG results. I am soooo stressed about the biopsy, mostly the sedation. Here are my results: -IGA serum: 191 (normal) -IGA AB group: 191 (normal) -endomysial IGA anibody: POSITIVE titer (high) -Gliadin (Demidated) AB, IGA: 152.5 (high) -Gliadin (Demidated) AB, IGG: <20 (normal) -Transglutaminase IGA : 47 (high) -Transglutaminase IGG: 8 (high) I'm so glad I found this website. I don't have much support for this and am glad I can find this support! :)