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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. The doctor called today with my biopsy results and the diagnosis is official. I am waiting on the full report but I did catch "Marsh score 2-3" and "partial blunting." Everything else he said was a blur. The symptoms on top of the blood test results should have been enough but I still found a way to hang on to the denial. I thought for sure there was a mistake somewhere, a misunderstanding. I have a full range of emotions right now. I am pissed that I have to do this, I am grateful that there is a reason I feel how I feel and that I know how to fix it, I am scared that I will fail, I am terrified that my kids will have to deal with this in their lives and I am excited to see the person I am with gluten out of my body. Will I feel good? More energy? Less irritability? I really feel like this has been an issue all my life, all the struggles I have had can tie back to celiac. Did I mention that I am really mad...and sad? So, here we go I guess. I am all about instant results and knowing that I have to go through the motions of this diet and I may not see results for a period of time is daunting. This process requires me to have faith that I am healing even if it isn't obvoious...this might be the biggest challenge. My last two stops at the grocery store have resulted in tears so step 1 for me is to go find groceries without crying and/or slamming food I can't have back on the shelf. My plan of attack is to eat fruit, veggies and chicken for however long it takes for those things to not give me trouble. Cheese sucks for me right now so I can only assume I have some lactose issues. I'd rather be safe than sorry so I am going to ditch the dairy for a bit. I wish I could take a round of antibiotics for this and have it be done. Grumph!!
  2. The endoscopy was a total breeze. I was OUT like a light and don't remember a thing. The doctor said that he did not see any obvious damage but will know more once the samples are looked at. He did says that, based on my blood work, he feels stronly that this is celiac and I should remove gluten. This doctor was great. He said his dad has celiac and this makes me think that he is more aware than others (like every other doctor I have ever had). I feel lucky to have found him and my PCP. For my entire adult life my doctors have told me that I am stressed and depressed and need to be medicated. Every symptom I have was blamed on depression. I started saying no to medication years ago because it never really helped. I finally found a doctor that listens and here we are. There are good ones out there, you just have to keep looking!
  3. I am going in for an endoscopy first thing tomorrow and my nerves have grown arms...lots of them. I am nervous about the procedure but I am sure it will be fine. The nurse called today and said I would be "absolutely comfortable." I am afraid that the blood test will be confirmed but I am equally scared that it won't. I am scared that they will find something that we aren't even looking for (maybe the watermelon tree mom always said would grow if I ate the seeds?). Anyway, maybe I should have let the positive blood test be enough (tTG IgA was 133 with >19 positive). My thinking is that I should know if there is damage and my hope is that, if I get a confirmed diagnosis, my kids can be screened and diagnosed by blood, saving them from the endoscopy. On a side note, I am walking around my kitchen eating some of all the food I love (literally ALL of it) that I may not be able to have again. I am so totally uncomfortable and my stomach feels like it has pop rocks in it. Necessary? No. Justified? I think so.
  4. Hello! I recently went in for blood work and all was normal except for tTG IGA, the numbers are below. I am scheduled for an endoscopy on Wednesday but am hoping for some insight before then. I am a terrible waiter and not knowing is a killer. tTG IGA: 133 (0-19 normal) IGA: 168 (70-400 normal) Your thoughts are appreciated!