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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I started eating gluten free bread but I still bloated up after that does anyone else have this problem after gluten free bread? Unless I have an issue with yeast to? Iv been eating gluten free for a few days now and iv noticed my anxiety is better and anger to! Just don't get that a gluten free wheat free bread makes me bloat??? At this rate il be living of rice and water :-(
  2. Hi there I had my colonoscopy and endoscopy the other day they took random biopsies and managed to get 1 from the entrance to the small bowel He said my bowel looked normal but I feel so I'll on gluten it's in real. Iv also had low iron levels for 5 years and lots of symptoms Has anyone ever had a normal bowel only for the blood test or biopsies to show celiac disease? I'm so frustrated :-(
  3. I had my camera tests and he said my bowel looks normal. He took random biopsies I think he managed to get one from the small bowel he said? Would someone with celiac disease gave a normal looking bowel to the naked eye but then show up in the biopsies? Did any one have a normal camera but the biopsies showed celiac? Iv got to wait 4 weeks now. Since iv given gluten up my mood has lifted and iv stopped getting spots on my face :-)
  4. Thank you so much Finding others who no what I'm going through and actually understand is a relief I don't no how to approach my doctor telling him to do these tests I'm from the uk and our NHS is not great compared to private medical care. On the sheet iv got for bloods all he's written is Tga nothing else What does IGA and IGG test for? I will ask them to take at least 6 biopsies does this heal ok? I'm worried I don't show as celiac then I will look like I am just mentally ill because there's no test for gluten in the uk they say is accurate. I think I had intolerance test ige? Which said I had gluten issues but my doctors say it's inaccurate. I just want a solid diagnosis so I can then say to people this is why I'm always ill I will be going gluten free though iv never
  5. Hi there My doctors finally took note that my health is suffering and only because I felt pretty low depression wise and had low ferritin levels 5 years in a row, I'd lost weight and have diarreah first thing in the morning and it's dark sticky and foul smelling so I was referred to the bowel clinic The doctor looked at my history and symptoms and decided he wanted to do a colonoscopy sigmoidoscopy blood test scan and biopsies. I'm due to have these Thursday and I'm hoping they will have answers Iv suffered with IBS. Symptoms for over 15 years here are my symptoms sorry there's many: Depression/anxiety/mood swings , brain fog dizziness a feeling of not with it And feeling really poorly that nothing worth getting up for Bloating straight after bread, gas, discomfort and heavy feeling loose stools which smell disgusting and are sticky eww Iv had peri oral dermatitis once rash all around my mouth that went after antibiotics but I now get these red lumps under my skin that you can see in different lights they are not itchy or have pus just lumps they are on cheeks chin side of forehead ,,, my skin also ITCHES. Like crazy early morning like I have insects crawling all over me I have lumps on my neck in my hair line but only a few I then scratch them and a scab forms they can be there for ages if I keep scratching. Iv had itchy palms to but not rash and itchy scalp but nothing there. Whilst pregnant I got lumps more on my buttocks and top of shoulders which have left marks. I have dark shadows in the corners of my eyes Very lethargic especially after eating wheat I feel very sleepy Diagnosed with fibromyalgia I have pain in my neck and shoulders most days but it can go for a bit and come back(it was improved on a low carb diet) Dry eyes Thinning hair and notice I loose some Ferritin levels low for last 5 years Reactions to chemicals I sneeze and have itchy nose if I breath hairspray etc iv suffered with lots of sinus infections blocked and itchy nose to Sores in my mouth my saliva gland on the bottom swelled up and was sore and my gums also my teeth have become very sensitive to Bad pmt breast pain cravings for sugar MIGRAINES. and dull headaches a lot which make me feel depressed I feel chocolate can set them off Dry skin on my legs and front of my legs are dry scaly and itchy even when iv taken omega 3 Rumbling gurgling noises in my stomach after food Disrupted sleep And generally feel like I have a hang over I had the blood test for celiac about 2 years ago and came back normal but not biopsies etc I did a blood test for food intolerances about 15 years ago said I was intolerant to wheat and gluten egg whites and dairy I cut out dairy and only eat whole meal bread which I seem to be ok with in small amounts I did that up until now but iv got so much worse( I didn't really take the test seriously as so many people says it was accurate as done through a company and not my doctor as they say you can't do accurate intolerance tests) so I thought its rubbish and carried on for years eating wheat. But I feel my immune system is in a mess and I feel pretty poorly. I'm worried about the depression side as I have 3 children 2 under 5 years and I just can't cope. I feel going insane and have been back and to for years with different issues and getting no where I think my husband thinks I'm just mentally ill but I no I'm feeling like this cause I feel so poorly. Im worried because I did low carb for 4 months the test will see villi damaged. (I did wat small amounts of wheat though) and for 4 weeks before my biopsies etc iv eaten wheat about 2 to 3 times a day and boy I feel horrid ) Iv also put 4 lbs on in weight since I started eating gluten I thought celiacs were supposed to lose weight it's the opposite for me Phew a lot there Should I ask for any other tests?
  6. Hi I'm due for my cameras through the mouth and bottom are with biopsies on Thursday etc I had peri oral dermatitis once a while back for months but never had it since but I keep getting red lumps sort of under my skin but I can see them on my face all over my face cheeks chin forehead etc then it will go the next day only o return. I thought it was creams but I've tried so many but I keep getting these lumps. I also get sores(odd one or two) in my neck line shoulder or bottom that gets a scab on it but I do pick :-( I have lots of other symptoms but just wondering what a gluten rash looks like as I don't have th other type which seems severe like blisters and loads of them Nenee
  7. Hi there I'm due to have a camera through my mouth and bottom area where the doctor will take biopsies on Thursday and take a tgg blood test and scan etc Prior to seeing my doctor I had gone with wheat for nearly 4 months although had in small amounts here and there in that time but mainly no wheat Since learning I'm due to have celiac tests I've been eating lots of gluten for about 4 weeks now and to be honest feel really poorly Such as: I have loose foul smelling poos in the morning which seem sticky Bloated after eating gluten with rumbling squelching tummy noises , gas and discomfort Migraines and a feeling I have a hangover Very tired Had low ferritin levels for 5 years! Depressive episodes with anxiety palpitations and mood swings Itchy skin with the odd skin sore in my hair line bottom area but also I get red lumps on my face which are not blistered or have pus they are just lumps Dark circle in the corner of my eyes and dry eyes Hair thinning and I loose a bit everyday Neck and shoulder pain most days Sinus problems and reactions to chemical sprays such as perfume Brain fog and a feeling of dizziness and not with it Could this be celiac as I feel pretty unwell ;-( Also would my villi still be damaged enough to show up on biopsies if I only reduced gluten for 4 months but en went mad and eaten loads of it for 4 weeks prior to testing I also feel like I balloon with water when I eaten gluten my body feels heavy Should I ask my doctor to test for Igg as I've read about it but I'm not sure what it's for I do feel a test on my immune system would be beneficial any advice?. Please advise as I'm due in hospital on Thursday Nenee