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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Well, we found out today that my husband's job offer fell through. We want to get some things wrapped up here, like selling our house, before he sends his resume out again, so it will be a while before we move. I will be calling doctors tomorrow (I need a new PCP) so I can get tested. As much as I'm worried about the gluten free diet and being able to stick to it without CC in a house with two non-celiacs, I hope I have it b/c I'm REALLY tired of feeling terrible all the time. I'm really worried about how my husband will react and deal with it, though. Today I was reading something about Celiac Disease online, and he read over my shoulder. He started scoffing and laughing when I told him that I think I really have it. He asked what happened if I do, and I said that I have to stop eating all gluten. He walked away and said "Well, good luck with that." *sigh* He is really supportive of my other health issues, so I'm hoping once I get a diagnosis and the diet starts to make me feel better, he will change his tune.
  2. I've been reading through a bunch of threads today, and a couple people have mentioned hair loss. Is that a symptom? I've always been a huge "shedder", but just in the past couple weeks it has been TERRIBLE. To the point where, while shampooing and when I'm drying off, I pull a handfuls of hair off my head. I have no clue why I still even have hair. I'm just wondering if I should consider this one of my symptoms or if I should look into something else.
  3. Exactly. It can't hurt. Even if I don't don't show as having Celiac Disease, I will definitely go gluten free as much as I possibly can just to see if it helps.
  4. It will help that we eat a very simple diet to begin with. I do not like the taste of prepackaged and frozen foods, so most of our meals are made from scratch for the most part. I know that the grocery stores that we shop at here have a good "special diets" section, but I'm not sure about where we will be moving to. I know there is a Whole Foods about an hour away. When I mentioned this to my husband this morning, he acted like I was crazy. His friend has it, and when I was telling him about my symptoms and came to the diarrhea, he said "No, you have to be bent over in pain b/c of it." Is that true?
  5. I will definitely wait until I get tested to remove gluten. If anything, if going gluten free gets rid of my seizures I will be happy. Anything else will be a bonus. The thing I worry about with food, is that we eat a LOT of pasta and bread (sandwiches) b/c they are inexpensive. Do they make gluten free pasta? I don't drink milk, haven't for almost 13 years. I do use it to cook and eat cheese in sandwiches and other dishes, though. I'm also worried about going out to eat, though we don't do it often, and eating over at my parents' house. My mom thinks that all of my medical issues are in my head, and I KNOW she will refuse to stick to a gluten free diet, even if just for me.
  6. Lately I have been having a lot of ulcers in my mouth, so I was looking up reasons for them tonight and I came across a LOT of interesting information. First, I learned that Celiac Disease can cause them. Then I found out that since I have Addison's Disease, that puts me at a higher risk of developing celiac disease. THEN, I found out that celiac disease can cause seizure disorders. A couple years ago, out of nowhere, I started having partial complex seizures, but nothing showed up on my EEGs, strobe tests, or anything like that (which made my doctor "label" them as just a general seizure disorder in my charts, but he told me they were partial complex), and medication does not control them at all. Now I am really worried that I have celiac disease. The other symptoms I have are: -Almost constant diarrhea (which is often fatty/greasy), but when it isn't it is constipation. -Abdominal bloating. I'm a thin person, but my lower abdomen sticks out more than it really should, and I can't suck it in. -Anemia -Recently lost almost 20lbs, and made no change in my diet or lifestyle -Dental enamel problems -Osteopenia, diagnosed right as I was diagnosed with Addison's about 7-8 years ago (I'm currently 34y/o). Have not been tested since then so I'm not sure if it has progressed to Osteoporosis. It probably has, as I have been on corticosteroids since then. The Osteopenia was not attributed to that, b/c I hadn't been on it long enough at the time it was discovered. -Joint pain -Long term infertility, been TTC for 12 years -Depression -Mouth ulcers What do you think? I'm really worried b/c everything I love to eat is on the prohibited list. *cry* That should make it easy for testing, though. LOL Do you think getting tested can wait a month or two, though? My husband is in the process of getting a new job, he just has to take the drug test and physical. I don't want to get tested now and have it be considered a pre-existing condition with the new insurance. Kwim? Once I do look into getting tested, do I just go to my regular doctor, or what kind of specialist would I get a referral to? Thanks!!