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  1. I'm in Northern VA (Arlington area) about 2.5 hours away from VA Beach!
  2. Good luck with your meeting with him tomorrow! I wanted to see Dr. Fasano as I'm in the DC area, but couldn't wait til November to see someone. I'm sure that Pam King the Director of Operations at the office can help you out with any concerns you may have as well. I spoke with her before making an appointment elsewhere and she told me I can call her between every step of my diagnosis process to discuss with her. If you call into the appointment line (which may be too late now!) they can transfer you over to her. I would give it to you here, but I have it scribbled on a note at work so it isn't with me.
  3. I'm Korean, but born and raised in the US. I'm wondering if there are others that have been diagnosed celiac. Is it really all about the genes? I'm trying to get in to see Dr Fasano at UMD, I figured, why not go to the best if hes so close by... but he doesn't have an appointment til Mid November!!!