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  1. Anyone else with celiac disease taking Budesonide (or Entocort)? Just started taking it and I'm itching like crazy similar to when I eat gluten. I checked the active and inactive ingredients but couldn't find any. Was curious if many other celiacs are using it.
  2. Has anyone had symptoms similar to this after consuming vinegar? My eyelids and skin below my eyebrows puffed up and turned bright pink, I felt fairly dazed and had a hard time moving my arms, got nauseous and was ill, and then for the next 3 days felt completely lethargic and listless. I'm pretty freaked out by the reaction but I never went to the doctor because I wasn't really sure what happened. My other question is has anyone with vinegar issues been able to eat other types of vinegar (such as apple cider vinegar)? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the info! I definitely had reactions to the small amount of gluten that I ate, so I'm going to try the genetic test next.
  4. Hi- I am new to the forum. My mom was diagnosed with Celiac disease two years ago and I recently stopped eating gluten last January because I had many of the symptoms. I just had a blood panel test done but it came back negative. Does anyone know how much gluten you are supposed to eat, and for how long, prior to the test? I don't think I ate enough (I only had one pretzel on one day, and then ate gluten once day for a week before the test). Thanks