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  1. hey anwen I would love a penpal :) I hope we can talk I'm new to the site though and don't know ho to personal message

  2. hi, i'm also 13 and i have celiac. i was diagnosed with it nearly 3 years ago now. i do not know anyone else with celiac and i would like to get to know people my age with the disease. i think it would be fun to talk to si=omeone the same age as me who also has celiac. pm(personal message) or email me if you want to and me and we can talk
  3. hi, my name is Anwen and i am 13(nearly 14) years old. I was diagnosed with celiac about 3 years ago and have been gluten-free since then. But, even tho I have been gluten-free for so long I still find the temptation hard to deal with. My family and freinds are all very supportive but none of them have celiac so I feel they do not quite understand and I would love a penpal who also has celiac that I could talk to. Any replies would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. hi kate, i have been diagnosed with celiac for 3 years and no one on my family has it either so i was also also stuck alone trying to figure it all out. luckly by now i have it all figured out and it is much easier! i would love to be your celiac penpal and shear my experiences with you! it would also be nice to talk to someone with celiac as i do not know anyone with the disease! :)x