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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Getting Worse

    Oh god. Please no stomach viruses. Bartful Please hang in there. Here's my list New Foods Dr Fuhrman Nutritarian
  2. Oh boy. Yeah. My mom asked me just yesterday, if other celiacs were hungry. And because I've been here, I can tell her, "yes!" I'm just like all of you, whitling away all the foods and down to nothing until my body calms down. I've lost half of the weight I gained at first. Oh well. It'll come back. I can FEEL my system calming down. PRICELESS !!! Yeah, I'm ravinous. I just eat a pound of a tested food. So what there's no flavor. Now, I've built up a stockpile of them and can actually have 3 different foods on my plate for supper. Yay! It's still pretty much twigs and berries during the day. I might test egg whites this weekend. Maybe. I'd have to notify some people I'm accountable to before I do that. They know what's going on. WE CAN DO THIS !!! OTHERS HAVE GONE BEFORE US !!!
  3. Just A Hello

    You all have been just great! I read a bunch of stuff and applied it. I had my first itchless night, in six years last week. My food list has gotten tiny, tiny, but the symptoms are subsiding. I can hardly believe it. I haven't been glutened in about 4 weeks. My bloating has diminished and I no longer feel like I'm being disemboweled. Now, I just need to keep this up and slowly test individual foods. Not really ready to test anything. Ouch. I'm gonna keep coming back to learn!
  4. Just A Hello

    And maybe, just maybe, my story will help somebody else. <3
  5. Just A Hello

    Oh and I went down to rice, cucumber, and pear. This week I added banana. I had the opportunity to deploy nationally, this summer, but I declined due to obvious health reasons. I bought and packed gluten free food, just in case. It's been a very busy year in my field. I switched my prescriptions to Walgreens and keep my eye on my blood test dates. As it is now, it would be very difficult to go into a downed infrastructure and remain well.
  6. Just A Hello

    Firstly, thank you for the warm welcome. I can't even begin to describe the horror of this last year and a half. Secondly, I am a very positive, loving, rightly ambitious person. But, this thing is bigger than me. I can't tell what, of the many things going on, is affecting me most right now. I have always been skinny. I was raised on the Atkins diet, because my father was a heart surgeon. I could eat whatever I wanted, but always made healthy choices from my upbringing. Because of the unbelievable things that have gone on in the last year and a half, in my personal life, I have allowed myself to grieve and dip into self pity. I normally don't indulge in self pity. Dec. 2010 my lover emailed me that he had begun an affair with a married woman. She demanded a full std test, so that she wouldnt bring anything home to her husband. He tested positive for 3 things. Oh and that he didn't want to see me anymore. I think I went into shock. I had to see them at church. I stopped going. I coped. I had so much on my plate. It was winter and that has always been hard on me because I had no fat. I was enrolled in classical ballet, to maintain strength and manage my scoliosis. I added 1,000 calories a day, it was a hard winter that year, mostly bread. At the end of the semester, a rash appeared, just above my tail bone. I thought it was heat rash from the leotard and tights and the growing heat in the studio. It got worse. I thought I had caught something. I did. But, only one. I began suppressive therapy and excluding stressful people, places. I took algebra over the summer and made A's even doped up like that. My daughter was in a 3 wheeler accident that broke her nose and we basically had a burn victim on our hands. I stepped back from any kind of public life, then. By fall, no improvement. I stopped suppressive therapy because I knew I couldn't function with a full course load and live in general, like that. By now, 10 of my friends had died from overdoses, drinking, age. I am a recovered alcoholic. I removed myself from AA. The grief inside my home group was tearing it apart. I still work with my sponsors and sponsees. Fast forward to spring this year. I was on the back porch, barely able to do what I needed to do. Trying to cut myself some slack after so much. By then 20+ friends gone. I sat. I thought,"where is the girl (I'm 46) that used to be at work at 7:30?! Lifting 155 lbs of hurricane tarps? This is not normal for me, for anyone. My mother suggested I look into celiac. And there it was. There it ALL was. I started gluten free. It had previously taken 5 years to gain five pounds. I thought I was just high metabolism. Doing too much. Dancing to much. Gluten free, I gained 20 pounds in less than three months. I brought everything to my doctor. Originally, I wasn't going to take dapsone, but after no relief from gluten free, I was willing to try anything. She agreed. In April I was SO hungry. Eating twigs and berries. I went fully gluten free. Raw. Hard. I read, I learned, I applied, I screwed up. I guess I'm just chock full of antibodies. I've read that production can go up after gluten free, for some reason. And about cc, iodine, and foods whose molecules are shaped similar to gluten and the villi freaks out. I work, volunteer, and study emergency management and business administration. I'm not giving up. There is good in the world and good to do. ;D <3
  7. Does Dh Always Mean Celiac?

    As horrific as DH has been, I'm thankful because I would have never known something was seriously wrong.
  8. The beginning is overwhelming. All we can do is make a decision, committ to it, and continue to peel the layers of gluten off. No matter what! ; )
  9. Just A Hello

    Hey! I can't tell you what a relief it is to find you guyses. Reading, reading all the same symptoms and solutions I have and have tried. I have faith. Just Such A Relief To Find People Like Me.
  10. Yes. It's often misdiagnosed as herpes, especially if a herpes test comes back positive.
  11. I've been told this could take two years and that it would get worse before it got better. Also, as has been stated, that, after going gluten free, glutening would hurt worse than before gluten-free.
  12. I tried a new gum, about 2 months ago, that burned my mouth immediately. Bye bye. I've been glutened 2 times, in the last two months, I could feel it coming very soon after. But, it seems to take 4 days before I am incapacitated. That lasts for four days, too. Cc is my biggest problem, as you all well know. Right now, low calorie intake and constipation are plaguing me. I have to add more fiber. I look back at my life and realize certain foods felt calm, like potatoes.
  13. Just A Hello

    Hi ; ) I just joined. I'm frustrated and hurting. I'm surrounded by intelligent, compassionate people who are struggling to understand. I do not want to talk about such private issues with everyone. I've been gluten free for almost 5 months. I was diagnosed 4 months ago and am on my third month of dapsone. I started taking neurontin a year ago, when the rash began. Now I'm taking both. I'm doped up and in pain all the time. Very restricted diet. I want this to end. I had a life.