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  1. Gluten Free At 6 Flags Great Adventure Nj

    My family just traveled to six flags GA in NJ this past week. Though the food is outrageously expensive they do have gluten free food. First I will mention that I couldn't find the answer online at their website. We live close to King's Dominion in VA and there is information on their website that lists numerous places in their park and the cart stands, where you can find gluten-free food. We always print out this list and take it with us. (their prices are better too) So...I was surprised at the lack of info on gluten-free food on the Six Flags GA website. I called the Guest Relations number only to get a recording asking me to leave my question and phone number so that they could get back to me. No answer on the first day, called a second time and no answer on the second day/ call. The next day we went to the park thinking that if they didn't have gluten-free items we would go out of the park to eat. We always have gluten-free snacks in the car, but not full meals and we didn't have a cooler. When we arrived at the park I went to Guest Relations and they hand wrote the items offered at one restaurant in the park. The one and only place where gluten-free food is available. Here is that listing: THE MAIN STREET PUB Pizza takes about 10 to 15 mins to cook-IT IS VERY SMALL!! 6 inch PIZZA- gluten and dairy free $10.00 6 inch PIZZA- gluten free $10.00 BROWNIE- gluten free $3.49 MUFFIN- blueberry gluten free $3.49 From a recent cruise, we knew that JOHNNY ROCKETS ( right next door ) had a few gluten free items so I went over there and bought some GLUTEN FREE FRENCH FRIES to go with my son's miniature pizza. JR doesn't advertise or know about their fries and food but some foot work and label reading on your own will get you there. I also feel a lot better eating on the early side and being the first food on the grill or in the fryer. BTW Guest Relations returned my calls from the previous days while we were in the park! Hope this helps.