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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Those are good tips but I was thinking more about when you said CC can happen while sharing pots and pans while cooking for my family, having my own toaster and pots and pans, etc.. does that go for bbq's too?
  2. Thank you! It's definitelyl a roller coaster ride. It is also tough when some symptoms happen right away and others take a couple days. How do you know what it actually was that bothered you? I'm just going to keep trying and look forward to the day when things get back to "normal". One day at a time!!!
  3. Yes! Definitely the worrying makes it that much worse! That was my next question. It's like a vicious circle! I don't understand how things can ever get better when things are constantly changing? I've been tempted to try a laxative every morning to clear things out and then immodium through the day to actually be able to have some sort of life. Yes, I have eliminated dairy other than lactose free milk and lactose free yogurt. I wonder if there is something in those other than lactose that would be causing this?
  4. I've been eating gluten-free for alomost 3 months. All week I have been watching closly what I've been eating as last weekend I had a terrible time with what I think must have been CC somewhere. Just started feeling well again last night. Today I've been very careful as I have a ball game tonight and am needed to play. I just shared a small bowl of grapes with my daughter and instanly I've had two painful trips to the bathroom. Last time I had grapes, yesterday, I was totally fine, and was happy to find a fruit that didn't upset my stomach. Now what do I do? How often are food sensitivities going to change. How do I know what is safe and not, especially when dealing with fresh fruit??? How do I expect to be able to go on outings with the kids or play a baseball game without flare ups??? I'm so frustrated right now!! I'm too afraid to even go for a walk with the kids, and that is just not fair! I understand the elimination test, but how can I do that when everyday differs? Does it make a difference when I eat the same fruit two days in a row? Please help!
  5. I too saw a dietician and although she was really nice and supportive, mostly what she told me were things I had already figured out on my own. I think I've learned more here than anywhere else so far. I'm not on any other medications so I was kinda hoping that it was the BCP. I feel I'm being really carefull with reading labels but obviously I'm missing something. I hope I can figure it out from all the great advise I've received on here. I'm afraid my findings with the scope would have been the same as yours as I've been dealing with this for so long. Now being off gluten or so I thought, I'm afraid to consume it again just so I can have the scope. But that's what the dr. wants me to do. I'll have a consult with him first to make sure he doesn't think there is anything else going on. I'm glad you found some great information. We need all we can get!!
  6. Thanks, I will try that. I wasn't aware that even labelled gluten free products could be a problem. That might explain a lot. What about dairy products that are lactose free? Should I stay away from them as well? I'm like you with the eliminating food. I've tried that, maybe not as strickly as I should have, but sometimes I can eat something and be fine. The next time I eat it I am sick. It's so hard to figure out. I am definitely glad I joined this forum! I've recieved more information here in the last couple days than from my dr.
  7. oh yeah, the receipt I have from the blood test says TTGA antibody. I never recieved a copy of the results, was just told I was in the moderate to high range for gluten intolerance/celiac.
  8. wow, that makes total sense. What foods do you suggest that would be the easiest on my stomach? I've notice pineapple, once a favorite, is no longer tolerable. I'm afraid to eat fresh fruit sometimes because of the acidity, which, when I started to eat gluten-free, fruit was my safe "go to" food. Not anymore! Do you think quinoa is ok? What about meats? I'm looking for any suggestions on what others have tried who may have had this sensitivity problem like myself. What about eggs? Also, I was wondering if maybe my birth control is safe? I called the company and they said nothing in the ingredients has gluten but is made in a factory where gluten is present. Do you think this is risky being a medication not a food?
  9. Great advice, thanks! It will be a struggle but totally worth it. I had to miss my nephews birthday party along with my kids being so disapointed....I can't wait to feel better!! Thanks!
  10. No, the mayo didn't say gluten free but I checked the ingredients. I'm usually pretty good with checking labels but it's the ingredients that I don't know what they are that are confusing. Hard to remember what's what. I can't believe doctors are so ignorant about this. My doctor never even suggesting Celiac to me, it was my idea! I wonder why they are like this and not more helpful?? Thanks so much for your advice.
  11. I do feel like I'm being carefull, reading ingredients etc. but maybe there is something that I'm missing. The only reason I want to do the testing is so I have something verified. I feel like I've been doing all this for nothing and it's a big change in lifestyle. Plus I have two kids and it gets expensive. But I will keep plugging along and see if there is something that I'm doing wrong. I don't think I eat many items with soy but that seems to be something that bothers others???
  12. Funny you mention tuna because the thing that set me off yesterday was I had a tuna sandwich (my first sandwich since going gluten-free) made my own bread and everything. I put a small amount of mayo in the tuna, which normally I don't care for mayo. Nothing in the ingredients in the mayo had gluten. It's Hellmans light. I'll have to check the tuna can and maybe try eliminating soy. Thanks!
  13. The blood test I had showed a high probability for celiac but they can confirm unless I have a scope done. But now being on the gluten-free diet for 3 months, I don't think a scope at this time would be acurate.