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  1. I was diagnosed with Celiac almost 5 years ago and one of my main symptoms was wieght loss and I also continued to lose wieght after eating completely gluten free. In fact, I was hospitalized 5 months after my diagnosis because I had lost so much even though I was eating a ton. The doctors said it just takes time for your small intestine to heal and start being able to absorb nutrients again. I didn't start gaining anything back until almost 8 months after being diagnosed. So, I know that's not very nice sounding, but sometimes it just takes longer for your body to heal.
  2. I am going on a three day backpacking trip and I was wondering if anyone knew if the freeze dried Chicken Fajita Filling from Mountain House is gluten-free and dairy free? It looks to be, but there are so many ingredients it is kind of hard to tell. Or has anyone have any suggestions on good freeze dried foods? Thanks!