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  1. I have always had a rather upsetable bowel andI am not entirely certain that I do have celiac disease or just an irritable bowel. As I have heard many stories about doctors misdiagnosing symptoms or even not taking celiac seriously, I wanted to see if anyone else who has been diagnosed with celiac has had my symptoms. These include: Bloating with which comes a sense of feeling full no matter what or how much I eat Abdominal cramping Weight loss Loss of appetite Fatigue Migraines( which I get anyway but have gotten worse as the above symptoms have progressed) Always have a rumbling, gassy stomach with which comes cramping Have loose stools Have also read that celiac can be genetic. My nephew has celiac and my brother a gluten intolerance which kind of reinforces the fact that I should just get test but like I said just wanted to see if anyone else has had similar symptoms. Thank you, Rachel