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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Still Finding It Hard

    Thanks! The quinoa salad was from the deli of a local health food store. I actually did figure out what the culprit was. Believe it or not, it was my vitamin tablets. I keep a log of everything that I put in my mouth, and I was able to backtrack my stomach aches to my supposedly "everything-free-vegan" vitamins. So, I am going to switch to a different brand that I have used in the past.
  2. Pf Chang's

    Had a great experience at PF Changs! The server made a rather comical error though. The gluten-free menu stated that the entrees came with brown or white steamed rice, or you could sub gluten-free fried rice instead for a dollar more. We went for the sub, or so we thought. The server didn't know the gluten-free menu very well (I am hoping his mistake was not intentional anyway) instead of giving us the add on, he ordered us full orders of gluten-free fried rice. We had food covering every surface of the table!! LOL It was delish and we took home the extra, but next time, I will point to the add-on item on the menu. By contrast, we went to Red Lobster and ordered all of the "safe" items. My dinner glutened me (hence I am up at 5AM on a Sunday). The only difference between my dinner and my gluten-free husband's dinner: a baked potato with butter and sour cream. I have no idea what or how, but I am paying the price for it. I truly believe that I am going to have to limit my going out to places only like PF Chang's, or my weekends (the times we like to dine out as a family) are going to be painful.
  3. Olive Garden

    I went to the Olive Garden and ordered the Pasta Pomodoro. It wasn't great, it wasn't awful. They cooked it properly. It did not make me sick. I'd eat it again if my family wanted to go to Olive Garden. What I really miss here is the Zuppa Toscana.
  4. Still Finding It Hard

    I wonder if you could replace the sugar with agave? Not sure, may be ignorance talking here. Thanks, it helps to have people that "know" your pain.
  5. Still Finding It Hard

    Thanks everyone, yes I am feeling better! I am not sure yet on the dairy, but I am going to keep vigilant in figuring it out. My stomach pains eased yesterday to the point that I felt like I could eat again. I have had just a little dairy since then, and things seem ok. I am trying to be really careful about everything, and paying more attention to CC possibilities. I think that I am going to try almond milk, regardless. It's something that I have always wanted to try, but could never justify the expense. I think it will be a good thing for me. I may try rice milk too. Wonder which of the milk subs taste the most like milk? This weekend we went to several health food stores (on the other side of town) to see what they had to offer, and try not to pass-out at the prices! I bought a gluten-free flour mix to try my hand at a loaf of bread. So far, my husband has not liked the pre-baked ones we have tried. I am going to seek out a gastroenterologist (sp?) and see if they can give me a diagnosis. Whether I have celiac or not, I am positive that I feel better without gluten!
  6. Still Finding It Hard

    Glad that I found this thread. I am in agony. I woke up in tears of pain and discouragement today. I thought I was getting better, really! My heartburn was going away. Now, I find that I have traded heartburn for stomach aches instead. I am on day 2.5 of mostly constant stomach ache. I suspect dairy is the culprit. Oy vey, what will I have to give up next? It makes me dizzy just trying to figure it all out. See if you agree: Yesterday I ate greek yogurt (a favorite of mine) for breakfast and coffee with sugar only. I only ate it because I had noticed the day before that if I ate, the pain went away for a while. Halfway through the yogurt, I stopped and threw it away. Couldn't finish it. For lunch, I ate some cheddar cheese, carrot sticks, nut meal crackers, and a quinoa salad. Within an hour, I was nauseated and almost left work early to go home and lie down. Evntually, the nausea passed away, and my stomach was just a little achy. Then at dinner I did something really stupid and tried eating at a restaurant that we like. I ordered roast pork, corn tortillas, and (you guessed it) melted cheese sauce (which I am 99% sure had no flour in it). Dinner actually went well, and I didn't have any nausea afterward. But here it is morning time and I have another stomach ache. Similar experience earlier in the week, I remember drinking 3 small glasses of milk at dinner. I love cold milk. I think I am going to have to kick dairy. Maybe I'll get it back later?
  7. Thank you. My kids seem to do OK with gluten, so I am not going to force them to be gluten-free. If problems arise, we can revisit that. We are segregating the kitchen, and whatnot. Sometimes the kids want to try the gluten-free stuff, so they may just fall into naturally because that is what is going to be around the house. I suppose that I should see if there are any celiac docs in town? My husband and I have pretty much given up hope on our DO, for various reasons.
  8. I have had to figure this out for myself. I have battled GERD for almost a decade. My doctor has tried different meds with varying success. I even lost a lot of weight over the course of a year, but then steadily gained it all back over the next three. The foods that worked then, are not working now. I asked my doctor on more than one occasion if it were possible that I am just allergic to food. It seemed like everything I ate gave me issues. It all came to a head in the last few months. The GERD got even worse, I couldn't sleep at night because I was coughing up food, and I developed diagnosed sleep apnea. I was falling asleep as soon as I came home from work, but had a family to care for. Faced with this new hurdle, I decided to investigate my allergy suspicions. The more I searched, the more I began to suspect gluten. I should add that my oldest sister went gluten-free 10 years ago. Out of desperation, I decided to chuck the gluten from my diet and see what would happen. It was almost immediate. My nightly battle with reflux ended. I could sleep and not wake up choking on food that my body didn't like. I found out that some of the things that I had blamed the GERD on were not really the culprit. My husband says that I am not tossing and turning as much. I am not 100% better yet, as I think my gut needs to heal. I think that I need to get on a probiotic. I am having some stomach aches in the morning, but I am learning that may be the apnea talking. It is possible that I may have more than one food allergy. I guess that I will figure that out in due time.
  9. New member here. I do not have a celiac diagnosis. I have been gluten-free for about 2 weeks and it has made a big difference! However, the more I read, the more questions that I have. Perhaps a few opinions would help? Here are my main concerns (so far) and questions. Sandwich bread is a huge thing here. I am not able to bake right now, but I will get there. What is a good brand that my husband will enjoy too? He's going gluten-free with me (he may actually need it more than I do). We like whole wheat, the kids like the white stuff. Stocking my pantry (once I get the chance to bake): Should I invest in an All-Purpose gluten-free flour, AND also get some other flours for specific cooking applications (ex: nut flours, rice flours) and xanthan gum? I know that with my time being at a premium, and my frustration level high, I need to have the right products. These are pricey items, so I have to choose well. I am not sure why this is my biggest question right now, other than it will help me to know how to proceed to feed the family. Thank bunches!
  10. Sleep Apnea

    New member, first time posting. I do not have a celiac diagnosis. My sister is not celiac, but she went gluten-free about 10 yrs ago. I have had about ten years worth of gastric reflux issues, have tried every medication for it with vary degrees of success. No long-term answer to my issues though, behavior mod helped for a while. That failed as well. I commented to my doctor several times, that I wondered if my issue wasn't acid production as much as lack of proper digestion. I got to the point that I felt like I was allergic to food in general. I never really got a response on that. Recently, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. In fact, I go tonight for a second sleep study to fit me for a CPAP. In the process of all of this, I took it upon myself to research my chronic symptoms. I was convinced that I was allergic to something. About 2 weeks ago, I decided to take it upon myself to cut gluten out of my diet. The result has been significant. My husband says that I don't thrash about as much at night. I have had very few refux issues at night. I still am not sleeping as well as I should, but it's better. So, hopefully, the gluten-free thing and the CPAP will have me feeling better than I have in a great while. I have to admit that I am a bit overwhelmed with the gluten-free adjustment. I have a lot of questions which I'll take to another board, as this thread seems to be geared toward the whole sleep issue.