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  1. Thank you IrishHeart Thank you
  2. Hello, Going Gluten Free, What were the first few changes or improvementsyou noticed. ? Happy and speedy recovery for all
  3. I am on Gluten free for 6 months , even now i find hidden gluten cc in my diet , few days back via this forum i came to now it was Tea bag making me sick, before that it was corn, even before i realized it was Gluten free chips, sugar coated Vitamins(glutened) ............. what i mean is it is GLUTEN one way or other , gluten is so stupid it knows 1001 way to dodge us , but people like here on this form we won't let him win. There may be some other problem but staying Gluten Free is always Healthy. Good Luck
  4. Thank you. Welcome , hope to read more inputs from you.
  5. Congratulations on having a Grandson! Feel Bleesed I can understand your worry, I have two G/Children. It won't be long soon we will have medicines for Celiac,more over once we know the problem it's easy to tackle, we must feel blessed we know, it took me 18 years of pain to know I am celiac. Don't worry enjoy the little master, and as "Marilyn R" said Think about buying him cowboy boots or a shovel, all those things boys love, instead.
  6. I am celiac and Gluten free for six months. I have Vitamin B12 deficiency, on taking its supplementTablets or injections my uric acid goes up, is it normal in this situation? Anybodyelse through this
  7. Yes ! it happened few times with me, in my case it was low B12 level, once that improved , i never had that feeling. Thank you
  8. Thank you for sharing. I am celiac and have learned , reading yr post. Thanks for giving yr time
  9. Yes it is hidden gluten, cross contamination, i do all i can, but every few days i find a new source of hidden or cc. Thank you for time n reply
  10. I am celiac and it is very difficult for me to be 100% Gluten free. If we have a scale from 1—100 , and I am consuming 1—3% hidden gluten, you think I am still recovering or I will have to be 100% Gluten free. Wishing you all a healthy life and speedy recovery.