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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. You are not rambling..lol Makes perfect sense to me! I am not writing off doctors either. For a lot of years I would take my kids to doctors and just do whatever they told me to do, without thinking.. I am sorry to say that I was a mom that gave my kids far too many antibotics when they weren't really necessary. Had I been more informed back then, I would have questioned the doctor. What finally got me skeptical of doctors was when my pharmacist that was a good friend of mine, pointed out to me that I had been on antiobotics for a total of a year!! He gave me some literature on it and from there I started to question the "wisdom" of the medical community. I think that people DO think of doctors as "god" and I really have a problem with that. One thing that has really helped me is when I realized that doctors take very little nutrition, if any, in med school. With that in mind, remember that they are trained to diagnose AFTER the fact and treat only symptoms. For underlying causes a person is best looking to one's diet and lifestyle changes... NOW look who's rambling... LOL AlwaysHope
  2. Not to worry everyone. We are being wise. I am just asking the questions "here" to get informed so that if he/we go the medical route we are already armed with all the info. I am sorry, I am will the others that have lost faith in doctors. I have had FM for 15+ years and I haven't gotten ANY help from a doctor, ever. Everything I have learned, I have learned on my own from reading years and years of research. I have gone into doctors and requested different tests to rule out possibilities and never once was anything suggested to me. We have just moved to a new city a few months ago and there is a shortage of doctors in the city at this moment and it is difficult to even GET a doctor.. you mostly have to do a walk-in clinic so in our case it is necessary that we come educated and do our own research FIRST because we probably won't even be able to see the same doctor twice. I would never make a decision based on what someone on the internet said without researching things first. However, I am not naive enough to believe that EVERY doctor knows about this disease and would give the best advice. For one, unless I had even thought about the fact that hubby and I have been more or less gluten free for 3 weeks, I might not have realized the significance of this had I not read here. And would the doctor have pointed this out? Would the doctor have thought to have even ASKED whether or not you have been relatively gluten-free for any length of time? I really doubt it, that is my experience. Case-in-point. My husband JUST found out this week by reading on his own that a medication that he used to take orally was very dangerous and that the medical community has known for years that it should be taken by another method (this has nothing to do with celiac disease obviously). So when asked why HIS doctor did (and by the way ALSO in the wrong dosage) he had no answer. So doctors aren't always up on the new research. I personally think that people should read and research things first themselves and then present it all to a doctor and let him/her discuss options. But sorry, ultimately I think that it is the patient that bears the heavier burden to become informed. If I listened to every doctor and didn't follow my gut instinct that times, I would have been in much worse shape today than I am. IMO AlwaysHope
  3. Everyone keeps mentioning this lab Rachel.. is it only in the States? I am in Canada and wouldn't know where to find this test.. is it a stool sample? AlwaysHope
  4. Wow! Rachel.. I think you are doing the right thing by not going on gluten. Hope you are feeling better now? My husband is unconfirmed Celiac of course, but he says he feels "different" (not better yet) already, even after 3 weeks. AlwaysHope
  5. Thanks Rachel, That's good to know. What did you do then? Just go on the gluten-free diet, or did you go back on gluten for 3 months? AlwaysHope
  6. Thanks everyone. Personally I think the test WILL be altered. He's dramatically reduced his gluten intake and the protein suppliment that we found out has gluten in it, has only traces, but who knows how much. The manufactuer said: "we can't be 100 percent certain, so we say no" So while he IS still getting gluten, it isn't much. What we decided is that he will take the test but if it is negative not really put that much stock in it for now and just stay the course with the gluten-free diet. The diet will show more than anything.. He IS going to get some vitamin deficiency tests and a thyroid test as well, to rule out other things. IF those tests (the vitamin def. tests) show anything that will be a big indicator already because the man eats VERY well and has for 2 years and also takes suppliments.. that will show that malabsorption issues exist. Anyway, that's what we have decided. It would be "nice" (as in good to know) if the test would show positive but we realize now that there is a good chance it will not. At this point he's trying to rule out every probable cause. As well, I am doing the same. I was dignosed with Fm 15 years ago and I am going to go gluten-free as well. It will be easier than try to prepare two meals, etc. and I already gave up wheat myself, 2 months ago, before I knew anything of Celiac. So for us, it's been a pretty easy transition. At this point I am trying to eat mostly whole, organic foods anyway, so going gluten-free hasn't been much of an issue. When I emailed most of the product lines we already use they are gluten-free..so no biggy. AlwaysHope
  7. Thanks VydorScope, I am Canadian and I haven't really heard of that lab. Is it in the States? Our medical system is different in Canada and I am not even sure where I could FIND an independent lab. Our tests here would be free.. or covered by our health care. AlwaysHope
  8. Ok thanks so much for your info. I will print this out. I passed the info on to hubby and that really causes him/us some concern. He doesn't really want to go back on gluten for the 3 months.. yet he wants the test. What to do? What to do? He's considering just staying the course now. He/we are pretty convinced he has it and to go back on gluten after even just 3 weeks off it doesn't seem right. I suppose if he just went on the diet he'd be pretty certain if he had it or not by the good results. Can he get a test later to see where he's at? Thanks again, AlwaysHope
  9. What specifically should he ask his doctor for? What are the name of the tests? Also, I vaguely remember someone mentioning that there is a risk for a false negative if you have been gluten-free yet Celiac, for any length of time. How long would that be? While we have reduced our gluten for the past about 3 weeks, we are obviously newbies and couldn't have gotten rid of ALL sources. In fact the protein drink he's been taking 3 times a day for a week now we just found out HAS Gluten in it..although the company says it has "traces" obviously it HAS it in it, nuff said. What do y'all suggest? How long should he eat gluten again, for a better test result? Thanks you people are great!! AlwaysHope
  10. Hi Brian, I just posted over in the relatives with Celiac forum. I read this post of yours to my husband and if your offer is open to help others on the board with weight/weight training issues.. would it be ok for "us" to send you a private message on here? Thanks, AlwaysHope
  11. Sorry, to be a pain.. but what is QVT? AlwaysHope
  12. Kaiti I was wondering. Do you get your line of makeup from a major department store, or do you have to buy it online? AlwaysHope
  13. Ok thanks again Kaiti. I also emailed the store I shop at and asked them if they had any gluten free lines of makeup.. they should get back to me.. and if this is on the list, then it would be confirmed, twice. (I guess I am a little paranoid now.. LOL) AlwaysHope
  14. Well, this is what the manufacturer said about DrHauschka's products and especially the mascara: Dear Deb, Thank you for your inquiry. Many of the DrHauschka products contain ingredients derived from wheat, wheat germ oil and sometimes alcohol. The processing and purification of these ingredients removes any trace of gluten and should be regarded as safe for those with wheat allergy or intolerance. Therefore, the mascaras should be safe for your use. However, they do have wheat products in them. Hmmm???? What do you think about THAT??? Thanks, AlwaysHope
  15. Moving right along here.. I just thought of my husband's asthma meds. (puffer) You would think they wouldn't contain anything remotely like gluten or wheat right?? How would I go about finding out? Thanks, AlwaysHope