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  1. I know your post is two years old, but I'm wondering if you ever found a good doctor who knows about Celiac Disease and its complications. I was diagnosed in May and have been struggling to get solid medical advice.
  2. I am looking for a new primary care physician. Mine has no background in Celiac Disease (thus taking almost a year to diagnose) and doesn't have the time/inclination to learn or partner with me. I know I want more than I will probably find: an expert in Celiac who can partner with me to figure out which things are Celiac-related, which are vitamin deficiency related, etc. I am basically self-prescribing right now. I go into the doctor and say I want them to check this or that, and they do it. This is at least better than where I was a year ago, but still... I KNOW I'm not an expert (although I'm learning fast) and I'd like to find someone. What questions would you recommend I ask when I interview new doctors? Here's what I have so far: 1) What is your experience with Celiac Disease? 2) What is your experience with auto-immune disorders? 3) What is your view on homeopathic remedies? (which is important to me) 4) What is your view on nutrition-focused medicine? (which will likely get me fluff answers, but that really is the key for me) My nutritionist (best money ever spent!) has significant experience with Celiac Disease, so that's been helpful, but she can't advise on the other things - particularly the rashes I have (not the Celiac kind, but likely auto-immune in nature.)
  3. I like Dr. Sohi a lot. She's on Eastern Ave. I have only been to see her once (was just diagnosed in May), but she's so much better than my other GI was - Dr. Bronner.