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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Just an FYI everyone. I got a notice today from FARE - Food Allergy Research & Education that says the following: Ingredient Notice: Burger King Changes Cooking Procedure for French Fries These notices are distributed when food manufacturers provide information to FARE about upcoming changes in their products. Burger King Corporation (BKC) is committed to providing accurate nutrition and allergen information for our guests so that they are able to meet their individual needs. As part of this commitment, our process includes timely dissemination of accurate information. Accordingly, we are informing the food allergen community about the change in cooking procedure for our French Fries. Starting on August 3rd 2015, French Fries will no longer be cooked in a separate fryer. They will be cooked in the same fryer as Hash Browns that contain wheat flour, resulting in the likely risk of cross-contact with a known allergen for the French fries. Therefore, from now on, French Fries may contain wheat. We are updating our website, bk.com to reflect this change. Our guests will continue to find complete and up-to-date nutritional and allergen information for BURGER KING® menu items on our website. INGREDIENT NOTICE SUMMARY Company: Burger King Product French Fries Company Contact Info: bk.com
  2. Many thanks to all of the replies on this. Almost three years later now and I did continue to suffer severe depression and am now on medication and seeing a psychiatrist for medication management and a psychologist for mental health.
  3. Cheese For 1St Time In 3Mos

    Thanks so much for the replies, everyone! I find my palate is quite attune to the taste of almond and soy milks now and seriously doubt I'll ever go back to cow milk. But I find I've really missed my swiss, brie, extra sharp white cheddar, parmesean, mozzerella and havarti cheeses. Some of those are soft cheeses and I know I may react, so going slowly is definitely the plan. I'll look into getting some Lactaid tablets to see if they help. I'm fine with sticking to almond, coconut or soy ice cream and I'm not much of a yogurt fan. I just really miss cheese!
  4. Ack! Is This A Wheat Allergy Too?

    From what I understand, medical professionals many times do not truly understand Celiac or gluten intolerance and "intolerance" can certainly be an allergy. I'm sorry to hear that your doctor recommended you intentionally gluten yourself. I hope your symptoms subside quickly.
  5. So I went off cheese for 3 months to let my intestine heal. I tried a little bit of Swiss cheese yesterday for the first time and had no symptoms. So I tried a little cheddar on a taco and I had a bit of tummy rumbles a few hours later but that was it. I hope this means I can have a little bit of dairy now and then again. I could easily have gone without the cheddar and I'm actually quite used to not eating any dairy now, but I do miss an occasional piece of really good cheese. Anyone else go back to dairy after being dairy-free? Any suggestions for me?
  6. If A Bun Touches A Burger?

    I was actually glutened just by having a burger at a friends house where she heated buns on the grill while cooking burgers. They didn't touch each other, but she had used that grill to heat buns in the past and that tiny amount made me ill for 3 days.
  7. Hooray, hooray! I'm craving a fluffer nutter (peanut butter and marshmallow cream sandwich) on gluten-free bread, of course!
  8. Thank you so much for this information! I wondered why some foods listed as 'certified gluten-free' were still making me feel sick. Now I know. I've been more cautious about my diet since discovering this - but I feel a little less crazy knowing I'm not alone.
  9. I'm headed to my doctor the day after tomorrow. I have a few things to talk to him about but one is that I think I need to start taking a depression medication now. Can anyone let me know which ones are gluten free and if any of them I need to stay away from? Also I can't take time-release meds since I don't absorb enough. Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks for your reply GFinDC. I've chosen to not get the testing and just go by the fact that the symptoms match and they have been getting better since I stopped eating gluten. I don't want to risk making myself even more sick that before by purposefully eating gluten.
  11. You have all been amazing, thank you so much! I haven't been glutened since I wrote that post. I actually discovered that apples and grapes were both making me feel bad too, so I'm slowly removing things from my diet that are giving me symptoms and I'm starting to feel better. The roller coaster seems to be leveling out a little bit. I'm still having symptoms, still having stomach pain, but only had diarrhea once this past week and the nausea is almost gone.
  12. Cross Containimation

    I wish I had an answer for you. All I can give you right now is the comfort that you are not alone. People are not understanding of why I'm doing this either. They keep asking "isn't gluten free that new fad diet?" And I got into an argument about grocery shopping last night. I don't know about separate utensils and dishes as I'm just learning all this myself. Hopefully we can learn together.
  13. I thought I started feeling better about a week after going gluten-free then I went to a BBQ. I'm totally new to all this and didn't even think that by eating a burger with no bun would be an issue - but now I know that a BBQ grill can be contaminated. I had a horrible night. A few days went by and I felt a bit better again until I went to lunch with some friends and ordered steak. It came in an unidentified sauce that I'm certain now must have had some gluten in it. Sigh. I removed all forms of dairy and gluten from my diet starting on 8/15 - gave away all the gluten containing food in my home. If I don't eat anything at BBQs or restaurants for a while and am really careful (now that I know more about CC and a ton of other stuff), how long will it be until I really start to feel better? I'm sure the timing varies depending on sensitivity levels, but some semblance of an idea would be really helpful. I'm only 2 weeks in and I'm already getting discouraged that not only are my symptoms doing some kind of roller coaster ride, but they seem to be getting worse when I have them.
  14. mommyof4, I've only been gluten-free for a couple weeks, but got glutened twice already (big learning curve here). My symptoms were definitely worse than when I was eating it on a regular basis.
  15. Anger, Quick Temper, Depression

    I'm go glad I found this thread. I just joined this forum and yesterday posted about how I get irritable beyond description (like PMS on steroids) after eating gluten. I feel like I have just been validated. I was glutened over the weekend and have been fighting with my partner now for the past three days (not normal for us). It was like we were both just angry and taking it out on each other. I can feel my anger lifting finally as of this morning and now I just feel sad because we were arguing over stupid stuff. I think we both have issues related to gluten but my partner has decided to try eating gluten again. That and my accidental consumption of gluten over the weekend just put us both over the top at the same time, in my opinion, as neither of us were arguing rationally. So, I'm fairly new to being gluten-free, but looking back on my life and what I've eaten over the years, I can tell that whenever I ate a lot of gluten, I felt really out of it. The cycle for me seems to be: 1) eat gluten 2) abdominal pain within minutes 3) nausea on and off within an hour 4) abdominal distension and increased pain within 3 hrs lasting about 24 hours 5) diarrhea for the next 12-24 hours 6) mood swings and anger after 12-24 hrs lasting about 2 days 7) depression after 48-72 hrs 8) start feeling like myself again after about 72 hours