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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. No i didn't read it as you were disproving about her activities at all. I think your right to speak about it with your children and let them have a taster too. That's what i did as a youngster and what im doing with my son too otherwise, when they do become of age i think there is more of a risk that they will go over the top. A bit like me at the food bar on the first night of an all inclusive holiday!!!!!
  2. Thank you for that. i will try and locate one of the tables that you mention. I like your idea of the rum and coke too. The next battle is University...She starts her first year in September, with a new group of people, who i hope will be understanding about such matters as eating out for example. I know she fears being left out if the group were to go out for pizza for instance. I would be interested to know if you or others using this forum have experienced difficulty eating out and what tips there might be to deal with it.
  3. Thank you all for your responses, very interesting reading. Here in the UK the legal age for consuming alcohol is 18. I know that most parents probably don't like to think that their children are drinking alcohol, but im not being na-eve. She had only started going out to clubs shortly after having been diagnosed with Celiac. Before this she was too unwell and always at home trying to study, in fact, as parents we were more concerned that she wasn't going out with friends, so i know that she wasn't drinking and vary rarely went to parties. I suppose this is one of the reasons for me being concerned now about her alcohol consumption. I don't want it to sound like she's drinking too excess or anything its simply that she tells me that she drinking shots, the same qty of her friends, but she just isn't feeling the effects as they do. When i have picked them up from a club they can hardly stand and my daughter is just quite giggly. The drink drive issue was a concern as i say because i didn't know if having celiac would biologically alter the rate at which her body disposes of alcohol compared to those that don't suffer it. Thanks again.
  4. This is the first time of using this forum so i hope this post is in the correct area for advice. My daughter, aged 18 has recently been diagnosed with Celiacs. Apart from the ingredients within some beverages, and the 'normal'dangers posed by over indulgence,is she any more vulnerable from alcohol than a non sufferer? One of the reasons for asking is because she appears to be able to consume more alcohol than her friends (non Celiac) without feeling the effects anywhere near as quickly as them. I assume this is something to do with the rate that her body absorbes things? Im also concerned that because she doesn't feel the effects of the alcohol so soon as the others that her body may also dispose of it at a slower rate and therefore make her more vulnerable than others to the 'morning after'drink drive scenario, although she might feel ok to drive she may still be over the limit. Hope this makes sense. As i say we are all very new to all of this and any help, advice you may be able to give or point us in the right direction of will be very much appreciated.