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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks, mamaw! It turns out after eating it for week, I started getting sick. I wasn't glutened, but the high frutose corn syrup made me sick. For some reason, I can't tolerate it at all. I'd hoped that I would be able to eat it again because it's been a while since I had eaten HFCS. I guess I'll keep looking.
  2. Hi Hez, I talked to General Mills yesterday. He found two Giants near me in Maryland that sold it. If you call, maybe he can find some stores for you that carry the cereal. Here's the number I called:1-800-248-7310. I asked him why it was so hard to find. He said something about it being up to the food distributors. I went to one and found it right away! Thanks for your advice about the two boxes. They had both old and new boxes. The old box still has oats as an ingredient. The new just says corn ingredients. Since it's a new look and formula, maybe they'll start distributing it to more stores. I ate it with no problems. Good luck! LRgirl
  3. Thanks, Hez! I'm going to call General Mills to see where I can get it. I'll at least get some kind of explanation as to why they don't make this cereal more available. I'll post the response.
  4. Hi, I'd like to buy Berry Berry Kix, but I can't find it. I see that Amazon has it. But, It's not the same newly designed box that appears on the General Mills website. So, I'm afraid to buy it and get the old recipe. Thank you so much! LRgirl
  5. Egg Whites

    Hi radgirl, This is so weird! I'm also allergic to egg whites. When I took an allergy test, egg whites only came up. Any amount of egg whites seem to set off the symptoms. In the past, I've tried to seperate the whites from the yokes. I'd even wipe off any residue from the yolk. But, I'd still have a reaction because you can't completely seperate the two. There's always some bit left on the yolk. I hope that helps.
  6. Hi Babygirl6915, My hair came out in patches until the entire back of my head was almost bald. I have reactions to other foods (peanuts, rice, egg whites, dairy (lactose intolerant) I see that you have non-food allergies to grass, trees, mold and dust mites like me. You should try an air purifier to trap allergens, if you don't already have one. We also removed the carpet in my room because dust mites thrive in old carpet. Once I did all of this, not only has my hair has grown back, i've noticed it's much thicker. However, It DID take a year for my hair to grow back because my scalp needed to heal. Good luck to you! Traci
  7. Hi, I just wanted to mention a wonderful restaurant called the Great Sage. It's the only restaurant I trust. I've never gotten sick there. I'm not vegetarian, but they cater to food allergies. The food is so good! I get the southwestern burger, ceasar salad, and carrot cake. The carrot cake tastes so much like the real thing that I almost cried when I first tried it. For those that can't have rice, (like myself:), they actually have lots of options. It definitely gets a 5 star rating from me. If your ever in the columbia/ baltimore area, you should definitely try it!
  8. What Type Of Cooler Do You Use?

    Thank you all so much! The Flex Freeze cooler looks like the one I'll choose.
  9. Hi, I'm traveling to California soon. I'll need to bring some food because my diet is so strict. I've been looking at a few coolers, but I'm not sure what brand is the best. Can anyone recommend a cooler that is not too big, can be packed in a suitcase and carried around the park as well? Thanks so much, Traci
  10. Travel To The Uk

    Hi, I put together a list of foods I was going to bring with me. During the tour, we make some out of the way stops. I wanted to be sure that I would have some food with me at all times. I have emailed the airline and are waiting to hear back from them. But, I was wondering what you guys thought of what I'm planning to bring. All of the stuff is homemade and has no milk or egg products. Dyhydrated apples and bananas pumpkin seeds-- "trail mix" Muffins instant soup mixes beef jerky crackers cookies Thanks so much, Traci
  11. Hi, Anybody have any dried soup mix recipes ( the mixes that you add water to) that don't use beans or dairy (dried milk powder)? Recipes using potato flakes would be fine. Thanks for your help, Traci
  12. Travelling To England And Scottland

    Hi lesley, Thanks for the links! We'll be going to London then spend time in Stratford upon Avon - Coventry - York. Next, Darlington- we spend a night here Then to Edinburgh Lake District - Chester Area (Runcorn) Then a stop in Wedgwood then back to London for the end of the trip. Thanks again, Traci
  13. Hi, I'm interested in this cereal because it seems to cook fast from what I've read. I need something different for breakfast. I did not like the regular unflavored quinoa cereal. But, this company seems to have a lot of different flavors that may hopefully mask the strong quinoa taste. Are there any particular flavors worth trying? Thanks for your help, Traci
  14. Travelling To England And Scottland

    I'm flying British airways out of BWI. I love sunflower seed butter! It tastes great! What is the recipe for magic peanut butter cookies? I'd love to make some!
  15. Travelling To England And Scottland

    Thanks so much for the advice! I'm really looking forward to this trip. It's great that there are so many options. Traci