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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Lips Hurting

    luvrdeo--->it's lack of vitamins B for a longer time
  2. RonSchon----> I've gone through similar thing,I've been reacting to buckwheat,potatoes and bananas. Nobody could tell me what's the matter. So I put aside all containing starch and that was done! I have very good imagination what I need. It was protein in a clean way-chicken filee without skin and gluten-free fish oil plus steamed cabbages,tomatoes and onions (much). Sometimes boiled eggs. I got each day better and better. I didn't use any other supplements,just let my body to recure naturally. Now after 8 months since I started,I have got rid of different skin rashes,itches,migraines and lack of stamina. Glass of wine helps time by time. Sorry if my English not so good,think You will get better ,too.
  3. Welcome to the forum luckyme2! :)

  4. bartfull---> We have only a few dairy farms making cheese directly from milk. The mainstream is made of milk powder with the flour added + mineral oils and gluten to keep this together.
  5. bartfull---> yes,the same kareng---> unfortunately in my country they are made of gluten. We have gluten everywhere,we are agricultural country and wheat flour or wheat germ oil is added to all possible things. Other countries use soy or rice bran,our speciality is wheat .
  6. I know for sure what was my big mistake the last years. There is a yellow pigment called Annato (E 160b),made of gluten and added to most of cheese,butter,etc. If I look again through the brands I ate,there always have been consequences. I can eat cheese with Beta Carotene,it's different number and not on this list.
  7. Hello GFinDC! Sure You have tried,You cannot separate these from ketchup. These are edible and not so edible thickeners,emulgators and whatever. I haven't been to USA,maybe in your country different,here in Europe it works.
  8. Hi all !! I found a list of ingredients,very useful for me. Just compared with official special-food for celiacs,really none of these was there. Here is the list: 102,104,110,120,122,123,124,127,151,160b,161g; 210-213,214-219,220-224,226,227,230-233,250-252; 310,312,320,321,338,339,340,343; 406,407,412,414,421,450a,b,c; 503,510,540,543,544; 620-625,627,628,631,632; 904,906,913,915 These are the BAD INGREDIENTS
  9. FernW,have You tried essentional oils on the skin (Chamomelis,Tea Tee,Cinnamon etc)? Take a good base oil and mix in small amount of ess.oils,very calming . From the ready made I like Darphin,it's a wonder. My legs itch like hell,I have psoriase type patches and often wake up in the mornings scratching my legs. So the elbows,I had to buy some extra cashmere jumpers because I could't wear lambs wool (I'm from North,our winters are terribly cold). I got rid of my elbow patches just by putting there Darphin oil mix and vaselin containing cream. Where have I been earlier??
  10. Hi,I'm one of you! I have sore rashes on skin with raised borders. It heals very very slowly and I don't know where I still get the glutens. About Christmas I changed my diet dramatically because I hated my looks in the mirror. I was looking for Omega 3 fatty acids and found them in Chia seeds and flax seeds (the flax I let overnight to soak in a water and eat daily). Cut off all the dairy products and thus healed my mouth corner rashes. + no wines,no sugar,no baked or animal fats. All my diet consists of poultry meat without skin,steamed vegetables,coffee only freshly ground(by myself),organic. Boiled eggs. And different boiled peas,surprizingly they don't cause me problems. My diet is very boring and I'm dreaming of chocolate but I know it will be worse after. Sure,I take some gluten-free snacks time by time and I can tell I regret it after. I think it's still not the time for me. Anyway,I feel much better from inside and outside,my skin is somehow nurtured and thicker.
  11. Thank You very much for the advice! We are in shortage of cosmetic brands. I was absolutely pleased with Shiseido Concealer Stick Nr.1 but now they discontinued. It's allright with the price,I need it not in so much amounts (but every day). Especially I liked it for staying on face while swimming. So I'm looking for smth similar,in a form of stick and with beeswack. Just to put it on the object and forget. I have tried Body Shop concealer but it's visible as a patch and not the right tone. Some other brands made the dermatitis worse (the creamy consistence and with brush).
  12. Hi,good morning! I'm looking for a concealer that will not make the problem worse. (Fair skin tone). Better with some healing essential oils and without spirits.
  13. My version on this is the raise of all hormones (starting to work in a full strenght ). Should be allright.
  14. Hi,I have the same question . Only I know for sure gluten in cosmetics cause me problems (rashes,pustules,itchy scaly patches around the hair line). I tried Burts'n'Bees. I tested their lip shimmer,everything is OK. Some moisturizers should be OK,too. It's said gluten-free in their site. Actually,when I have skin rashes,the oil based creams work better for me. I try to avoid water based,they make the problem worse. The gluten rashes can be absolutely neverending if treated as acne (it's not the same thou it looks alike).
  15. Hi

    Hi everybody ! I'm new here,too. My name is Anete,and I'm from the other coast (Eastern Europe). I recognized this disease some 5 years ago,didn't understand what's going on with me. Doctors here avoid such thing as celiac. I started to avoid glutens and my health improved. I'm fighting secretly,because it's a shame here to have any disease. My relatives and "friends" still make bad jokes on this theme. Now my diet is much healthier because I make my meals myself (for my family,too). Hope I can help somebody with my experience.