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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi - Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my post! You gave me such great information! I am adding the El Tovar hotel to my list for when we go to the Grand Canyon. We had already planned to stop in Kingman and Williams so I will add your tips from there as well. I also appreciate your information regarding the Grand Canyon and Route 66. We definitely will check out the ghost towns. Thank you again!
  2. Hi all - My husband and I are taking a trip to Las Vegas in September. I am all set with the many food choices there. However I am nervous about the 2 days we will spend traveling to the Grand Canyon. We are staying overnight in Tusayan, Arizona and the hotel has a fridge. I know to pack a cooler and that there is a Safeway in Williams. But we also want to dine out. Can anyone recommend or know of a restaurant that is in Tusayan and vicinity that would work? Thanks so much !
  3. I have eaten at many different UNO's with great experiences. My local UNO's is very educated. I've been to others where the server may not be the expert but they always call over the manager who puts me at ease. Carrabba's is excellent as well. They have a separate gluten-free menu with many of their regular dishes on it. They are also very educated and make me feel comfortable and welcome.
  4. Dunkin Donuts gluten-free?!

    Glad Dunkin is trying. I hardly ever go there anymore for coffee (Starbucks instead.) I will try it out for sure, more Gluten free options is a great thing. Especially at a place that is everywhere in my state.
  5. I'm Always Tired.

    I have been Gluten free for 11 months now. I was exhausted all the time prior to going Gluten Free and felt a significant change right away having so much more energy. Over the past several months, that tired feeling comes back from time to time. I know I need more exercise as I always feel better afterwards. My vitamin levels are all good and thyroid is fine too. I take B complex vitiamins. They really do help me. I notice the difference if I forgot to take one. Hope this helps.
  6. Can't Put On Weight

    Hi Again I posted on this topic in August after I was newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I lost alot of weight initially noting that I weighed 119 when I posted in August. I now weigh 113. My doctor told me my weight would eventually stabilize and it has. I am used to the new weight (was 138 before diagnosis) and bought new clothes. But as I mentioned in my last post, I am always hungry. I eat much more than my husband. I eat a good variety of foods- meats, vegetables, rice, potatoes and gluten-free breads and snacks. I cannot have dairy still. I still get frustrated with eating out and traveling but am still grateful that I no longer get sick. I take multivitamins and calcum as well as B complex (helps with energy) and Biotin (as my hair really thinned out.) My doctor said that at my last visit my bloodwork was excellent so that was great news. Everything takes time I guess, my stomach is so noisey at times and sometimes it still gets irritated by things like coffee, alcohol and strangely bananas. Good luck to everyone. These forums are such a comfort to me knowing others are in the same boat and care.
  7. Very Hungry

    Hi- I know how you feel! I found out I had Celiac Disease in July, so I've been gluten free about 5 months now. I am constantly hungry, even after I eat a meal I feel starving. I went from 140 lbs to 110 currently. Dr said I would level off with my weight, but so far keep losing pounds. Bloodwork is fine, no deficiencies.
  8. I buy my Udi's bread at Trader Joes. The new packaging has a sticker with the date on the bag. I keep mine in the fridge for about a week. It gets to hard after that to use for sandwiches. If I buy an extra loaf I will put it in the freezer to last longer. I wouldn't eat it if you question the freshness.
  9. Just try to eat plain foods. That works for me- chicken, rice. I add things in as I feel better. Still can't eat dairy.
  10. Pf Chang's

    Glad to hear about the positive experience at PF Changs. I tried to go last night but the wait was too long. I will attempt to go there next weekend. Went to my usual Uno, I have eaten there the most since being diagnosed. Sorry about your experience at Red Lobster. It's so unfair how we have to suffer from eating food, especially when we are careful about it. Hope you feel better soon.
  11. Thank you to all for all of the excellent info, tips and advice. My doctor told me about this site when I was diagnosed in July. You have all been extremely helpful for me!
  12. Can't Put On Weight

    Hi all - in March I weighed 138 pounds. I found out I had celiac disease in July. I started losing weight before my diagnosis due to felling sick constantly. Dr first thought I had IBS. I've been eating gluten free since July and have list weight steadily- I now weigh 119. I eat plain alot of chicken rice and vegetables. I also eat gluten free breads, etc. I still cannot eat dairy. I think I eat alot, I'm always hungry! What to do?
  13. 99 Restaurant

    Thanks for the review on 99. I liked eating their prior to having Celiac and was wondering if they had a gluten free and safe menu. I will go there. Thanks again!
  14. Want A Coffee?

    Starbuck was always my favorite- Venti Iced coffee black and Caramel Macchiato. I have a problem with coffee now since eating gluten free. I've had the Tazo awake tea. It doesn't make me sick. I still need my caffeine so the tea works for me now.