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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I just don't see how in conjunction with this nasty rash it could be anything else.. If the biopsies show nothing, I think I will go to a derm to biopsy the rash too
  2. Thanks so much for the info! He took multiple biopsies throughout.. So we'll see... Now to wait!
  3. I had my endoscopy today, and it showed a few things.. Like possible delay in stomach emptying (which I had an emptying study done for as well), mild gastritis and some edema and glandular changes in the duodenum. He took multiple biopsies, and we will see what those show. I am just at a point that I have been dealing with sickness for long enough that I want a diagnosis so badly. What are the chances biopsy will show what could not be seen on endoscopy?
  4. Thanks so much for the info! I will definitely talk to my GI about how many samples he will take, and doing the blood work as well. I do definitely want to get the endoscopy, because I have had a suspected ulcer since I was 18 (and my GI thinks that has always just been celiac manifesting as ulcer pain)...but we want to eliminate ulcer as a part of this as well
  5. Hi all! I have been browsing the boards for a few days, since my first GI appt last week. For a little background...I have been having almost constant nausea for over a year...I went to my GP 3 times about it, and we tried several several meds for reflux, and checked the gall bladder with abdominal u/s. The last visit in the middle of July, when my symptoms were getting worse, he finally waved the white flag and sent me to the GI. Within the first 5 minutes of talking, the GI mentioned Celiac.. My symptoms that he thought were most concerning/indicative were my stomach issues, my rather severe weight loss (16 lbs this year without diet or additional exercise..down to 103 now), and the horribly itchy rash that I have on my arms, that seems to come on when my nausea is at it's worst. We have an endoscopy scheduled for Wednesday, and while I know how how important it is to eat gluten until then, man, it's hard to eat something that might be making you sick!! I took a couple of days off, and noticed a slight improvement, then ate a few animal crackers that I was giving the kids, and felt TERRIBLE the next 2 days...could that be right? I also had to eat oatmeal yesterday for the gastric emptying study the GI wanted to do as well, and today I feel absolutely rotten..I know oats can be good for some people, but can cross contamination be that bad? That is truly what I am interested in knowing..from what I have read, some sites don't even list nausea as a symtom of celiac, but a few do, and I have read a few stories of ot, and my GI had no doubt that it does....I have no lower GI symptoms at all. Also, if it Celiac...it seems as though the diet MUST be VERY strict. I am correct, right? I have a food allergy to egg, but I have no problem if something with eggs has touched something else I eat, or if it has been manufactured in the same facility. It seems that this is NOT the case with Celiac..because even the tiniest amount can foul up your system? Can the GI see damage during the endoscopy for a preliminary diagnosis? How long for biopsy results? I just want to know, so I can get better! Lastly, if it is, and I go 100% gluten free...how long til I feel better? Thanks SO much for listening to my story, and for any info that may help me understand better...